Spotlighting the Gram

This week, High-Clip and I (Carrot) have decided to share with you some Instagram sites that we think are worth following.  Spotlighting people in the community has always been something we find to be worthwhile, and so this is an opportunity to do just that.

In order to reign in bedlam we have given ourselves a few criteria to follow.  We’ll each spotlight 1 climber, 1 climbing related account, 1 artist, and 1 wild card account that we just like.  Of course, listing just one of each of these options is tough, but hopefully that limitation makes the recommendation that much more meaningful.


Climber = Zofia A. Reych @upthatrock Zofia is everything you could ask for in terms of a climbing influencer.  In no way does Zofia ask to be an influencer, but she fits the role in an affirming and positive way.  She posts honest and insightful thoughts on everything from climbing hard, body positivity, protecting nature, refinishing bathrooms, and sending at Fontainebleau.  She has recently released a book called Born to Climb, and publishes a free monthly journal called Field Notes.  Zofia influences people to be better, more open minded, and accepting, and she is absolutely worth a follow.

Climbing Related Account = Memphis Rox Climbing Gym Memphis Rox is the single greatest climbing gym in the world, full stop!  Their walls are great and the setting is fantastic, but that is not what makes them the best.  Community is every gyms #1 asset, and no gym embraces community like Memphis Rox.  As it says in their bio “We are a state of the art rock climbing gym that excludes no one, regardless of ability to pay.”  In the heart of Memphis is a gym that opens its doors to everyone.  It’s a beautiful thing, and a beautiful gym that demonstrates the best of what humanity has to offer.

Artist = Alyse Dietel @amilliontinylines is a pro climber turned traveling artist.  In 2012, she suffered an 80’ fall which left her wheelchair bound and was told she would never walk again.  Through art Alyse was able to stay connected to the mountains, and outdoors.  Through rehab she was able to walk, hike, and climb again.  She went on to become a professional climber, and has since moved on to be a professional artist.  Her work is unbelievable, absolutely worth your time.  If you are really inspired, she often takes on commishend pieces. 

Wild Card = The National Park Service @nationalparkservice has been on a roll with the good stuff lately.  They always post beautiful photos, useful updates, and recently they have been posting really funny one-liners.  For example they recently offered this useful advice: “To avoid crowds, visit areas that are less crowded”.  Solid advice for sure!  They’ve also taught that “You know it’s cold when you go outside and it feels cold”.  Again, that is a useful piece of information.  If you aren’t following The National Park Service on instagram, you should.  Their account is worth the effort.


Climber = Hazel Findlay @hazel_findlay Hazel is so fun to follow! She is SO strong, and always posts the most exciting videos of her sends. Even more, she gives her followers an insight to her life of adventure. Hazel’s account is an inspiration to all of us climbers out there!

Climbing Related Account = @topropetheworld is one of the best place on the internet for climbing memes. Any time you need a laugh, head over to this account. Well, and give them a follow. Believe me, I’ve scoured the net for good climbing memes, and this is as good as it gets. Plus, this account gives you good content to send to your gym crush. Who knows, maybe you’ll get an “lol” in response!

Artist = Brandon Stanton @humansofny Brandon is one of the best photographers on the planet. His most famous work, Humans of New York (HONY), is both online and printed in books. HONY isn’t really about climbing, but, if you couldn’t tell from the title, it is about people. Brandon records stories from all kinds of people across the world and stores these stories along with his portraits of these people. This day in age, it’s really hard to tell what’s real, or how people really feel. However, in HONY, Brandon shows people in such in genuine way that you feel like you know them and have a connection with these people that you don’t even know. Follow Brandon and his work to understand the people in the world around you.

Wild Card = @fosterkittenpdx has some really fantastic cuteness if you ever need it. No one can argue that kittens are insanely adorable. This page really has it all. There are just posts of kittens after kittens after kittens. Kittens sleeping. Kittens eating. Kittens being generically cute. All the kittens. So if you ever have a bad day, or you just need to see some fluffy cuteness, go check out this kitten page!

3 Replies to “Spotlighting the Gram”

  1. This is a great list, but one of the ladies you mentioned- Alyse Dietel- she is a great testimony for endurance, determination, and being able to bounce back into doing what she loved after being told she would never be able to walk again.

    Very inspiring story.

    I have heard of others being told by doctors they will never be able to do something again only to turn around and defy the odds.

    Even people being told by so-called professionals that they will never become the vision of their dreams yet they end up making it happen anyway!❤

    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!! I agree, Dietel is a great example of believing in yourself. We have nothing to lose by trying, and sometimes just that will get you to places that would otherwise be unimaginable! I need to reach out to her in case she is available for the podcast!

      Liked by 1 person

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