Cragies and Snackies

With an average altitude of 60 ft. above sea level, Delaware is the lowest state. It is ninety-five miles long and between nine and thirty-five miles wide. Delaware’s highest point is only 442 ft. above sea level.  Needless to say, there isn’t much climbing in Delaware.  However, there is climbing, and new areas are being developed.  So, stay tuned!

Did you know that Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States.  They have no sales tax in Delaware.  They also have no people.  That’s not exactly true, but it is the least populated state in the country, so I can easily make something up, and the chances of anyone noticing or caring would be slim.  Let’s put that to the test…. The Ladybug is the state insect.  Actor Aubrey Plaza is from Delaware.  Bob Marley lived and worked in Delaware.  Delaware has the fastest internet in the country.  The state flower is the Peach Blossom, the state stone is Cumberlandite, and the state tree is the American Holly.  Interestingly, there are only three counties in the entire state.

Concerning the rock climbing, the two most developed areas in Delaware are both in Wilmington, so if you have a couple of days, maybe spend a night at Lums Pond State Park, and tackle both spots.

Although Rockford Park has more routes, they are all boulders, which is why if I can only pick one landing spot for a day of climbing in Delaware it would have to be Alapocas Run State Park.  Alapocas offers over 400 acres of woods which include access to the Brandywine River, the historical Blue Ball Barn, The Blue Granite Cliffs, and miles natural trails.

The Main Climbing Wall (very appropriately named, and also the only climbing wall) is actually a relic left from the old Wilmington Blue Rock quarry which closed in 1937.  Interestingly, rock from this quarry was used to construct the Rockford Park Tower over 120 years ago.  The tower is 75 feet tall and served as both a water tower and an observation deck.  There are no recorded 1st ascents of the tower but based on examination, climbers (namely me) have rated it in the 5.10-5.12 range. 

The Main Climbing Wall has 17 routes (14 Top Rope 3 Boulders) which range in difficulty from 5.2 – 5.12.  The names are fun and include such routes as Old Grandmom, Old Granddad, and Stabby SlabbyStabby Slabby sounds like it was named by Adam Sandler. I think the most intriguing route is a 1-Star 5.11 called Temptation.  The description on Mountain Project describes it perfectly… “A stretch of almost non-existing crimps in all the wrong angles makes this a difficult short climb.”  Sign me up!

It shouldn’t be a full day of climbing unless you try and squeeze Rockford Park climbing in on the same day, but in either case, you’ll have worked up an appetite!

Despite being the least populated state, Delaware is poppin’, especially the Wilmington area.  It was tough to pick just one restaurant to review, but in the end, I had to go with Go Vegan Philly.  This place is a vibe, and in addition to passing the vibe check, the food has put Go Vegan on the map.  So much so that in 2019, Go Vegan won the 2019 award for best new restaurant.

The owner is from Philly and brings a Philadelphia atmosphere to both the restaurant and the menu.  With fun events and performers including  singers and comedians entertaining the crowd, there is never a dull moment.  On the menu you’ll find homages to The City of Brotherly Love throughout.  You can order items such as “The Roots”, “The Fresh Prince” and “The Delfonics”, and of course you can find Philly classics like the cheesesteak as well.

The Reviews consistently mention not only how delicious the food is, but also the friendliness of the staff and owner.  Aside from providing delicious vegan food to Wilmington, Go Vegan “is determined to bridge the gap for consumers who wish to eat healthier, plant-based foods. They accomplish this by eliminating different obstacles that are often present for consumers (e.g. access, knowledge, low variety of options, negative perceptions and stereotypes).” 

So, what’s on the menu?  Go Vegan has pressed juices, starters, entrees, and sides.  Everything looks absolutely amazing, but after a day of climbing only the best will do.  Here are my top choices…we start off with a fresh pressed watermelon lemonade to wash down our starter Cheesesteak Eggless Rolls.  A vegan cheesesteak in an eggroll, what’s not to love!  For the entrée, there is no way to pass up the Teddy P. V-Chick’n: Locally grown, “farm to table” oyster mushrooms, seasoned and battered to perfection w/choice of TWO sides & cornbread.  As Teddy P. Himself would say “Only You”!!!  And so, it all comes down to the sides, clearly, we go with the Go Vegan Mac and Collard Greens.

The calories have been replenished, the tummy is full, the only thing left to do is find out if somewhere in Philadelphia there is a Go Vegan Wilmington serving sandwiches like The Bob Marley, The Aubrey Plaza, and The Valerie Bertinelli?

Location: Wilmington, Delaware “Liberty and Independence”

Crag: Alapocas Run State Park

Restaurant: Go Vegan Philly

Distance: 2.6 miles

10 Replies to “Cragies and Snackies”

  1. That looks so good!! After a week of eating quinoa and vegetables, last night I was in the mood for some heavy vegan junk food. I sent my husband to White Castle for vegan burgers (I got mine without ketchup and used my own sugar-free natural ketchup) and French fries! (White Castle fries in New Jersey are vegan, and their burgers are the Impossible Burgers). It feels so good to have a hearty vegan meal once in awhile!

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    1. Maryanne, I couldn’t agree more, my problem is that I want that just a little too often (haha). I love White Castle for their vegan options, I hope that the we see more of that at the major fast food spots!


  2. Nice post 🙏 I absolutely adored the emphasis on Go vegan 🌱
    Sharing with you also Vegan All In All: Everything You Need to Know About Veganism – the most comprehensive book ever written about veganism, available on Amazon:

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    1. There was this amazing vegan food truck about 5 minutes from me, and it just moved to about 45 minutes from me…it is so depressing!


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