19 thoughts on “Climbing

    1. thedihedral says:

      Rocket, thanks for the compliment on the pictures. I think most of these photos were taken on an iPhone believe it or not. But generally when I’m on multi-day hikes I do my best to keep my pack weight down as much as possible, meaning heavy camera equipment stays at home. So, if you don’t mind wide angle shots something like a go pro is ideal. I usually bring a point and shoot as well. Gaia, and Sarah are much better photographers than I am, so I’ll make sure they get back to you as well.

      I love your blog by the way, your journey into a new life is inspiring, can’t wait to read about Katmandu.

      – Carrot


  1. Morris Brook Farm says:

    I came to check out your blog when I saw your like of mine “The Three Dudes” and couldn’t figure out what brought you to my simple little farm life blog. Then i remembered the Rock Climbing tag. I bet you were expecting a little more than two boys sitting on a big rock. They have to start somewhere, right? Love the pictures, I can relate more to the hiking and nature though. Will continue to check out more of your posts! Thanks for the like.

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  2. mayawidi says:

    my hand are always sweating whenever ‘climbing’ pops into my head 😁
    i’m not into hiking, climbing, but the gallery is awesome πŸ‘ hope you can bring more lovely pictures of the nature and thank you for dropping by to my simple blog
    best regards

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  3. Peter Schreiner says:

    I have the utmost admiration for climbers, whether it a tree, mountain, rock, or even a rooftop. In fact, I hope to carry this appreciation over into the next life — if such is to be — and then I’ll be a rock climber myself! I’m old now, and though physically able (I perhaps deceptively believe), the youthful daring has long left. Gone with the days of window cleaning that I shamefully compare to your courage. Enjoy, you climbers, enjoy!

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  4. nomadwanderlusts says:

    Absolutely love your site! As someone who also feels inexplicably drawn to the outdoors and passionate about nature, I’m constantly inspired by your photos and work. Can’t wait to hear more about all your adventures! I’m also a new climber and have been climbing in a local gym for the past few months. However, the ultimate goal (of course) is to climb outside. Any tips on how to achieve this? How’d you take the leap from climbing in a gym to climbing outdoors, and how can I turn this dream into reality?

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    1. thedihedral says:

      Sorry it took me a minute to respond, we just got back from a climbing trip that included 5 states over about 17 days. It is so great that you are getting into climbing, I am sure this will just add to your already amazing bucket list (Kalymnos Greece is constantly calling my name). As for moving from the gym to outdoors, my best advice is to just jump right in. Try to hook up with some experienced climbers from your gym who can literally show you the ropes. A big misconception is that climbing outdoors requires a high level of skilled climbing. This is just not so, there are easier routes all over the place. Around us there are meet-ups all the time, and a constant stream of people taking weekend trips to local spot (Crag). The most important thing when climbing outdoors is safety, but as long as you are with experienced people that you trust, making the move from plastic to rock should be a breeze! Also, if you ever feel the inclination to write a guest post about your adventures getting into climbing, know our door is always open! We would love to post your stories!


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      1. nomadwanderlusts says:

        Thank you so much! Wow, that would be incredible—I would absolutely love to write a guest post! Just let me know what the process would be to write a story for you guys or who to contact, I’m all in!


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