16 thoughts on “Climbing

    1. thedihedral says:

      Rocket, thanks for the compliment on the pictures. I think most of these photos were taken on an iPhone believe it or not. But generally when I’m on multi-day hikes I do my best to keep my pack weight down as much as possible, meaning heavy camera equipment stays at home. So, if you don’t mind wide angle shots something like a go pro is ideal. I usually bring a point and shoot as well. Gaia, and Sarah are much better photographers than I am, so I’ll make sure they get back to you as well.

      I love your blog by the way, your journey into a new life is inspiring, can’t wait to read about Katmandu.

      – Carrot


  1. Morris Brook Farm says:

    I came to check out your blog when I saw your like of mine “The Three Dudes” and couldn’t figure out what brought you to my simple little farm life blog. Then i remembered the Rock Climbing tag. I bet you were expecting a little more than two boys sitting on a big rock. They have to start somewhere, right? Love the pictures, I can relate more to the hiking and nature though. Will continue to check out more of your posts! Thanks for the like.

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  2. mayawidi says:

    my hand are always sweating whenever ‘climbing’ pops into my head 😁
    i’m not into hiking, climbing, but the gallery is awesome πŸ‘ hope you can bring more lovely pictures of the nature and thank you for dropping by to my simple blog
    best regards

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  3. Peter Schreiner says:

    I have the utmost admiration for climbers, whether it a tree, mountain, rock, or even a rooftop. In fact, I hope to carry this appreciation over into the next life — if such is to be — and then I’ll be a rock climber myself! I’m old now, and though physically able (I perhaps deceptively believe), the youthful daring has long left. Gone with the days of window cleaning that I shamefully compare to your courage. Enjoy, you climbers, enjoy!

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