Lovin’ The Community

We thought it might be worthwhile to post about some of our favorite blogs, so we each chose three blogs that we wanted to share with you in the hopes that you may enjoy them as well.

Carrot’s Three Four picks:

It is so hard to limit this to only three blogs, but since I am forcing myself to follow the guidelines (except a little cheating), I have to start off with a friend of THEdihedral.

Blog #1: Allezgirl

Allezgirl is one of the most complete climbing blogs we have come across; she posts regularly with interesting stories, great tips, and excellent advice. We were even fortunate enough to feature one of her pieces as a guest post (here). Whether you are a beginning climber, sending 5.14’s on the regular, or just interested in a great perspective this blog will not disappoint.

Blog #2: Northeast Alpine Start

From the moment I read his post one of these knots can kill you I was hooked. Author David Lottman brings years of experience as a climber and guide to his web site, and one cannot escape the feeling that your are getting expert advise from a true professional. His gear reviews highlight his site with an unbiased take on some very serious gear. He comes correct with some bomber photos, and an all around inviting personality.

Blog #3: knitting for fucked up people

Kind of a break from the rest, this is a relatively new blog that I thought I would shine some light on. I stumbled upon the name and needed to check it out. While not exactly a climbing blog in the traditional sense, there is a climbing aspect involved (at least metaphorically). It turns out that the author and knitter is rather hilarious, and incredibly open. While this blog is young, to me it’s already a hit.

Blog #4: Zen And The Art Of Climbing

I know I am cheating at this point, but Author/Climber Ryan is funny as hell and ridiculously articulate, check out his web-site, worst case you get to see some beautiful pictures of Australia, get some rad info on some unique climbing terrain.

Gaia’s Three Picks:

Blog #1: inspirationalmamablog

This mama is hands down the best mom there is out there. I absolutely enjoy her family stories and how integrated, adventurous, and spontaneous they are. When I stumbled upon her blog and read “A Perfect Weekend Away With The Kids….”, I knew right there that those were the kind of experiences that I wanted to have with my son. Needless to say, inspirationalmamablog is inspirational indeed.

Blog #2: veganbooksforchildren

Have you ever heard about vegan books for children before ?! Neither have I ! Because I am a mom, of course I had to stop and take a look ! These are eco-friendly books, with a commitment to educate and create environmental awareness to its young readers. Wether you are vegan or not, it is definitely worth it to stop by their blog and take a look at their promising project.

Blog #3: thatbackpacker

For all the readers that love to travel, Audrey has got it all figured out for you ! This blog is so well organized and laid out that it will be difficult for you not to get hooked on it and all the information it has to offer. After taking a look at it, you will want to plan your next trip and embark into a new journey and adventure.

Sarah’s Three Picks:

Blog #1: Abbysalt95

The reason I chose to highlight her blog is simply because its amazing! Not only is she a fantastic writer, she is so inspirational and continues to go on plenty of adventures. She writes about lessons, failure and the acceptance of not being the best climber out there. Not to mention she takes killer photos.


What can I say about this blog? Its awesome! Two friends living life and pushing themselves outside their own comfort zones. Great story telling accompanied by infectious smiles can inspire any reader to get out and live!!

Blog#3: Climb more blog

This blog is all things climbing; Chris does a fantastic job at informing those not so familiar with climbing about the basics. This blog is simply for a course of his but what can I say? I dig it. From explaining the different styles/methods of climbing to going over what all you’ll need to get started. Great reads!!

That’s it for now, hopefully some of these sites will appeal to you the way they appeal to us. If you have a blog that we need to know about, or if you have a favorite blog that we’re missing out on, please let us know what it is. We’re always looking to make new connections and new friends along the way. As always thank you for reading, we look forward to any recommendations you may have.



4 Replies to “Lovin’ The Community”

  1. Wow!!!😱 Thank you so much for the mention!! We’re over the moon to know that our blog is having a positive impact. We’ll definitely check out the others you have listed.

    You’ve literally got us grinning from ear to ear! Thanks again for showing us love!

    Maria & Nifesi ❤️

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  2. I didn’t know that books weren’t vegan until now. Certainly I had no idea children were eating them. No sorry. It’s the hardest subject around I think. One year Vegan once. Thanks for the prompt.

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