Always be prepared.

As Summer approaches and you find yourself itching to explore the vast wilderness that surrounds you. You need to remain prepared for the worst. Often you find yourself going for an afternoon hike with the simple things, such as a water bottle, tennis shoes and your cell phone. But as you continue down the path you find yourself turned around. What do you do? Your one mile hike along your local trails has turned into a few hours’ journey. And unfortunately for some, a few days’ journey.

In this post, I will supply you a few essentials I believe and have been taught that can save your life. And let’s face it, the Boy Scout in me is geeking at the thought of this.

Number 1

A way to capture water, if you happen to run out.


I am sure some of you think I’m crazy, Dog Poop bags???

Yep! These can help you capture water, whether it be cutting them open and laying them over a hole or wrapping them around a bundle of leaves on a tree. These things seem to have more than one purpose.

If you choose to cover a hole, you must know that the hole has to be deep enough that there is moist subsoil. This tends to be around 19 inches, or around 50 cm.

Remember that your hole needs to be in direct sunlight!!

So, after the hole is dug, places some living leaves at the base of the hole, then placing a cup or water bottle over the leaves.  Get your plastic ready and place it over the entire hole so that there is enough room for rocks/dirt to be places at the corners.

Once all this is completed, don’t forget to place a reasonable sized rock in the center of the plastic so that the water drips into your container.

If digging a hole isn’t your cup of tea, you can wrap the bag around a bundle of leaves attached to a branch. you must make sure the bag is tied tightly at the ends or you will need to use twine/cord. Water vapor from the leaves will start to collect in the bag, and BAM!! You have a source of water.

Number 2

A source of heat/light.


Now, this flashlight serves many purposes, but the main two are the fact it can provide light and also aid you in the making of a fire.

There is two ways this flashlight can help you build your fire. The first being, the fact that it has a nice bulb. If worst comes to worst, this bulb if broken properly can produce a flame. To do so one, must very delicately brake the glass of the bulb, leaving the filament and wires unharmed. ( And let me state, that you only have one shot at this so it must be done right.) so once this is done, you places the bulb back into the flashlight, pressing your button which ignites the bulb and thus FIRE!

Let me mention that this took lots of practice to perfect.

If this doesn’t work, you can always pull the bulb out and take apart the flashlight, leaving you with only the reflector. Pick yourself a nice sunny spot to set up, because this could take a while.  Pack your reflector with a nice amount of kindling and wait. Eventually the heat from the sun with cause enough warmth to ignite your kindling.

Number 3

A Knife.

here I wont suggest a certain knife, because everyone has their favorites. but I prefer to carry a pocket sized chopper. my knife is also equipped with serrated edges near the base for sawing.

I feel as though this one needs no explanation as to why it could save your life, if you happen to find yourself needing to survive in the wilderness. from a weapon to allowing you to build a shelter. the knife is an outdoorsmans  bestfriend.

as always, Thank you for reading!!

Sarah Co-writer theDIHEDRAL

7 Replies to “Always be prepared.”

  1. I’ve been grateful for my space blanket on several Yosemite ledges. It converted a hypothermic shiver session into an unplanned star watch and nap.

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  2. I too often see people way up a non-trivial trail with only the clothes on their backs, tennis shoes, and a cell phone. One wonders about this. I’m an old school “10 Essentials” hiker and take comfort in having these things along on any hike (and have had to use some of them too). So this is a nice reminder to think ahead to what might happen on a hike (even though it probably won’t) and be a little ready for it (even if you don’t go all 10 Essentials on it).

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