Omega Pacific Vulcan Quickdraw

Gear Review: Quickdraw

Company: Omega Pacific

Product: Vulcan Quickdraw

The Omega Pacific Vulcan Quickdraw is the lightest quickdraw in my rack, but do not be fooled by the lightness of this draw. It’s composed of two Vulcan Infinity Wiregate Carabiners and this carabiner is THE strongest carabiner in the 32 grams or less weight class, strung together by a 4 inch Dyneema sling, that can take a beating and show virtually no wear.

Where the Vulcan really tends to shine is in the clipping, the low profile of the recessed wiregate makes clipping into a bolt, or clipping a rope as seamless as I have noticed. There’s an ergonomic bend to the gate that gives each clip a natural feel. You may not think that such a small advance in design would make such a difference, but I have become particularly fond of this little “twist”.

The carabiner itself is further designed to reduce rope drag and prevent rotating, and while we only used them on sport climbs, this quickdraw lives up to the billing.

One word of warning is to make sure you realize that what you give up in weight, you give up in size. If you’re comfortable clipping into a smaller draw then I cannot imagine a single objection to the Vulcan Quickdraw (aside from it being so light you may actually think you forgot to pack them).

Recommendation: All Skill Levels

Specs: 22Kn, 72grams

MSPR: $20.50

Web Site:  omega-pacific

2 Replies to “Omega Pacific Vulcan Quickdraw”

  1. Is that a manufacturer photo? Carabiners should be oriented the same direction. Opposed like this on a stiff QuickDraw facilitates the bolt carabiner unclipping from the bolt in a fall. Opposite orientation like this should have been phased out in the nineties. Good review though!

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    1. David, thanks for the praise on the review, it means a lot coming from the Godfather of the gear review! It is a manufacture photo. This is how OP shows all their draws. We’ll send them a quick heads up, thanks for always looking out.

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