My greatest memories have blisters on them.

If they had told me my feet would to turn into bubbles and bleed while they drained, I am not sure I would have even dared to put those shoes on. To be honest, I didn’t even think I had the guts to do so, until I did. I always thought shoes were categorized in sandals, sneakers, and high heels. Athletic shoes for playing tennis, running, and… that’s pretty much it. Growing up, my athletic life circled around the traditional and basics of P.E., tennis, swimming, and dancing. Of course I had acknowledged the mountain that was just a few miles from where I lived, I just never thought of going there, didn’t even know you could go there, and even less what to do when you got there ! Not to worry though, because that ignorance strike lasted until I hit my adolescence years and life made sure to burst my bubble and expose me to the real world. It only took me 17 years to realize that there was a gigantic living rock formation in front of me. It took me 17 years to introduce myself to her.

If they had told me my feet would hurt and cry to their sleep, I am not sure I would have even dared to put those shoes on. It was difficult to wake up and not feel that familiar ground on my feet. Everything changed and that safe place didn’t exist anymore. Waking up to fights hurt, and the nights would cry along. I sank every time they yelled and my feet would hide from me. I felt helpless, there was nothing I could do. Being caught up in the middle of a divorce paralyzed me, I felt torn between his and her shoes. Which pair should I wear ? Mine ran away some time before and I didn’t have the guts to go and get them. I ceased to exist the day the whirlpool sucked me and my red converse turned gray.

Many years and converse shoes later and It still amazes me how screwed up and upside down things have to be for us to realize how “perfect” and different life can be. It took me 17 years, my parent’s messy divorce, depression, and a strong as hell bad-ass mom to finally realize that there had always been a gigantic living rock formation in front of me- literally and figuratively speaking-. I first ventured into trail running when I was seventeen. I thought I was running away from my problems, when I was truly running straight to them. I tried my first pair of red Salomon trail running shoes Thursday afternoon, “broke them in” Friday morning, and ran my first ever 21k Saturday at dawn… Could I have been more irresponsible ? Well.. My greatest memories have blisters on them !!

Gaia Co-writer theDIHEDRAL

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  1. Salomon made the best trail running shoes in the early 2000s. I loved them. They were like wings. They didn’t last long, though. 3 months. Then Adidas bought them and changed them. They’re still great trail-running shoes, but not the same. Asics are also good, I found. And, you CAN run away from your problems. It’s actually a good strategy. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the historic background Martha! I was not aware of that. I liked my Salomon shoes, but Brooks has become my go to trail running shoe brand !

      Keep running !


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  2. We just got back from Smith Rock and my feet are still aching at night! I can’t blame it all on climbing, running has been a huge part of that pain, but it hurts more not to run! I think you understand how much the emotional and mental side of a person needs that exercise! “running is my therapy”!

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    1. Oh I understand a hundred percent ! I feel like you get used to the pain and are able to function over it ? Take care of those feet and keep running, climbing, and doing what you love the most !

      Thank you for stopping by dtills, I love to read your comments !


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  3. Blisters and scratches and scrapes and a leaky tent filling with water during a tremendous thunder storm. Tick checks, mosquitoes, black fly and no-see-ums, leaches. Snow in July. Black toe nail and thorns to flatten your pad and broken clips and ripped off straps. Peeling all the skin off your feet from climbing decomposing granite bare foot (and everything else). Slicing your finger instead of the wood you were shaving for tinder. And (at least for me) full body sunburn.

    That is what great memories are made of!

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  4. I thought about this post in the meantime and remembered that a long time ago I had a pair of Italian hiking boots. My friend and I hiked up to a lake near St. James Peak in Colorado. I got terrible blisters. I wrote a friend who was a mountaineer. He said, “When you come down to visit, bring your boots. I’ll sell them for you. Don’t wear boots that put blisters on your feet.” I think he was right. I never had blistered feet again. If the boots/shoes fit and you have the right socks then? And Moleskin is a good tool.

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  5. Love the title of your post…and you are right…our greatest memories usually do come with blisters. From climbing, sunburns, foot blisters, and more…they usually represent time well spent.

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  6. Hiking boots came to mind for me, and you are so right – my adventures have been well worth the blisters! Feels good to use my feet for what they’re made for.

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  7. Ouch, but your mind was a bit clearer I hope and your soul nourished by that amazing mountain and all its jagged trails it offered you.

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