Osprey Poco AG, Child Carrier.

Gear Review: Child Carrier.

Company: Osprey.

Product: Osprey, Poco AG Child Carrier.

Recommendation: Families; all skill levels; unisex.

Today I write this review as a mother, taking into consideration all the things that we, as parents, take when selecting gear that involves our kids’ safety and comfort. I bought this child carrier about a year ago at REI in a hurry because we were going on a spontaneous climbing trip with a group of friends and my son was, of course, coming along !! I had limited options at the location I went to and was a little put off by the price because I had not budgeted for it. However, between the carriers I tried, this one was the one that felt most secure and comfortable for me and my son. A plus that won me over was the fact that this carrier, unlike many out there, comes with a built in sun shade for the little ones and in Texas, that is a must have ! It also has enough storage to keep your and your kid’s personal essentials, however, I consider that it is not enough for days long hikes. In the latter case, I would recommend the upgraded versions of this model which have larger storage compartments ( Poco AG Plus or Poco AG Premium).

I was excited with my purchase, it was my first time buying a child carrier and I was more than ready to test it ! After a challenging hike on rock filled steep terrain, I knew this model and brand were a keeper. I felt very confident with it and even though I was dealing with that challenging “obstacle course”, my son was completely relaxed and enjoying of Mother Nature on his seat. To say that he even took an hour long nap says a lot about the comfort aspect of the carrier ! So yes people, I am happy with my Osprey Poco AG, and would definitely recommend it.

Specs (as stated on rei.com) :

Built in rapid-deploy sun shade.
Stretch-mesh hip belt pockets; stretch-mesh harness pocket.
Fully framed and padded child cockpit features adjustable child seat height with safety leg loops and adjustable, removable stirrups and removable, washable drool pad.
Wide base with locking foot bar; collapsible sidearm and foot bar for storage and travel; 2 large grab handles.
Secure, fleece-lined butterfly child harness.
Comes in Black, Ivy Green, and Seaside Blue.

MSPR: $250

Web: Osprey rei-logo-500x500

7 Replies to “Osprey Poco AG, Child Carrier.”

  1. We love ours! Put 400+ miles on it with our first and starting to rack up miles with our second!

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  2. Great review. I don’t think we hike enough to justify the expense. I normally take my ergo baby carrier and my husband will carry the backpack and sometimes the older toddler on his shoulders. Thank you for stopping by my blog. (Homeschooledbykids)

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  3. We have the kelty but only used it once and didn’t find it very comfortable… will consider this one ☝️

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  4. That’s cool. I really like traveling myself, and I love kids. I’m still young (22), but I am really don’t know if I’d want to have kids later for myself. I always look for reasons to justify me not having kids later, and one of the reasons is how much it would suck to go backpacking with a kid. Well, seems like that argument isn’t valid anymore! Looks very comfortable, especially for the kid since it slept so well in the carrier!

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