Harvey’s Havoc.

As many of you know, the Texas coast was hit by a category Four Hurricane this past week, which  caused major devastation across the state, Houston being one of the most affected cities along the growing list. The DIHEDRAL crew was lucky enough to come out of this fortunate while many of those around us lost their entire lives. For those of you that don’t understand, the areas that were torn apart by the storm cover about half of California, three fourths of Alaska, and entire states like Colorado and Delaware. To make it even clearer, the storm dumped 50+ inches of rain on the Houston area and those surrounding it, recordings showing 24.5 trillion gallons of water. That is more water than the entire country has seen all year. and we got it in two days….let that sink in.

As for me and my Harvey experience, it wasn’t the greatest. I no longer live in the city of Houston and I feel very lucky to have moved months ago. But with that being said, I live in the woods. An area with only a few roads in and out of town, typical dirt road many acre home.  My partner, who I have written about before is a Paramedic and works for an even rual area. We knew the weather was bad but we didn’t think much of it because the storm had already made landfall and had seemed to pass. She had to leave the house around 4 a.m. to head into work. I being the nervous Nelly of the two, requested that she take the truck into work. She said everything would be fine and all the roads in were supposedly clear.

She went on here way and I headed back to bed, around the usual time she sends her “I made it” text. I worried a little and I sent a text of well wishes and all that sappy stuff. I fell back asleep and I awake to loud knocks on the door. I open it to see my partners mother standing their telling whomever it was on the other end that they needed to get out of the car. Confused I listened and eventually was handed the phone, and that’s when I knew it was Allyson and she was in trouble. You never prepare yourself for the moment your partner is on the other end of the phone. She couldn’t tell me much in all her panic other than she was trapped in the car and it was filling with water.

Instead of letting her realize how much of a panic I was in, I stayed calm and tried to get her to bust the window. By the time I did so, she said 911 was there and trying to reach her. As her phone died all I could hear was whimpers. She’s a strong woman and I knew she wasn’t going to let this be they way she goes. You cant help but think that will be the last time you speak with them. The circumstances were unknown to anyone but herself.

About an Hour later I get a call, Allyson was doing fine and had made it to safer ground. At this time she had no idea of the belongings of mine I had failed to remove from my car before she took off with it. Upset about it all there wasn’t anything I could do but to let her know I wasn’t the slightest bit upset and didn’t care about my car. I was thankful she was alive and well, because many other Texans, near and far had lost everything. Some even their lives.

We are lucky and blessed to be the ones to have not lost everything. As stated before though, many Texans are without their entire lives, Homes, Businesses, cars, clothes…everything lost to flood waters.  If you or anyone you know would like to donate to help with relief efforts. the links below are the way to go!!



As always thank you for this weeks read! Hope all is well with every one of you.






20 Replies to “Harvey’s Havoc.”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about all of that but so glad you and your partner are ok! Stay safe. Prayers!

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  2. So relieved to hear that Allyson was rescued! I donate to the Red Cross because living in Florida, on the Gulf, I have been through several hurricanes and they fed and sheltered me. I also live rural, in a single-wide trailer, on a dirt road. Hurricanes and tornadoes are my nightmare. I feel devastated in spirit for the people in Texas who lost everything…

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  3. I am going to mimic everyone’s response and say that I am glad everyone is safe and sound. I hope this type of weather event never happens again. On the other hand, I was glad to see the citizens of Texas working together and caring for each other. After a summer of seeing people at their worst, it was good to see Texans demonstrating what America should be.

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  4. I’m glad Allyson was alright. What a terrible experience for you both and for everyone in Harvey’s path. My youngest daughter and her husband moved to Houston at the beginning of July and it was an anxious time for us trying to keep in touch with everything that was going on. They were luckier than most, with their home staying dry, but they were stranded for several days. Stay safe during this difficult period of recovery.

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  5. I’m very glad you’re both OK! It’s awful to hear about the devastation and insane to think that life, and the geography of a place, can change so quickly.

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  6. shjoe! (South African word) but my heart sank there for a minute! relieved that you are both safe…..but how are you doing now after Irma, Jose and Katia and the earthquakes….I’m so worried for our planet!


  7. What a scary situation. Glad your partner is ok and sorry you lost your car and everything in it. The fires hurricanes, fires, floods have been so awful. So sad.

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  8. Good for you for keeping the spotlight where it needs to be, and being strong. Thanks for visiting gretchenwing.com…we’ll see each other in cyberspace, but stay safe and dry till then!

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  9. Glad to hear your partner is okay, and no, I don’t think you can ever totally prepare yourself for something like that. Glad to hear she’s a very strong woman!

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