The Perfect Adventure.

Its that time of the month for our group posting, this week I decided to have a little fun with it. I gave the team five Questions: Who would you like to tag alongside you on an adventure ? dead or alive. What would the adventure consist of ? Where would you go ? When would the adventure take place during the year ? And how long would it last ? Here are the answers from the DIHEDRAL crew, ENJOY !!


WHO: Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender (Yes, I am a kid at heart).

WHERE: Any of the Air Temples… Or Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan, because that is an actual place.

WHEN: Between October and December. The earlier the better, the weather is said to be clear and cool, but you wouldn’t want it to too chilly either !

WHAT:  Hiking and meditating. I was more in touch with my spiritual side a year ago and I would love to tap into it again. Meditating among monks and the great Master of the Elements would be a dream come true. Nirvana, anyone ?

HOW LONG:  What is time ?

‘Til next “time” ! You’ll soon see me sporting a bold head, bright blue tattoos, and riding a flying bison.. Yip Yip, people !


WHO:  The option is open to anyone in the world alive or dead.  I thought about this for a little bit but decided that if I’m going on adventure I want to be surrounded by friends.  Yes backpacking around Argentina with Nietzsche and Diogenes would be strangely brilliant, but if this is about the adventure I’ll leave the philosophy in the books.  Besides, I have a feeling that Freddy N. would be a bit of a complainer.

WHERE:  I seem to change my “where” every time the frog farts (supposing frogs fart, and also supposing it’s often).  But alas, I have settled on Greece, and fearing that is not specific enough, I have settled on Kalymnos Greece.  The History, the hiking, the climbing, the ocean; for this particular dream I don’t think I could come up with a better scenario than Kalymnos.

WHEN: Right NOW please!  Just kidding, this is supposed to be what time of year.  For me I’m thinking early autumn, around the end of September.  Sure the days are a little bit shorter, but the lack of tourists, and cooler weather will be prime!When Sarah first presented this idea for the group post I thought it to be something like the game Clue, except with no murder, travelling instead of crime solving, and friends instead of enemies.  Let’s see how it goes?

WHAT:  As in what am I going to be doing…the days will be filled with climbing, swimming, paddling, hiking, and climbing (and lot of eating).  Not a single sunset would be missed, and the times watching and enjoying friends around the campfire will be decorously noted in a mental folder aptly title “memories of a lifetime”.

HOW LONG:  My first response is forever, but pleasure is fleeting and diversity is the spice of life (did you notice the double cliché, I feel like I met my cliché quota on that one I’ll try to tone it down).  I’d go for a week; it’s long enough to make for one hell of an adventure, but short enough to remember to pay attention to the details along the way.

So in the end, we have Carrot in Kalymnos with the (climbing) rope, surrounded by friends!  Mrs. Peacock and Col. Mustard not included.


WHO: there are many people i would want to take off with and see the world through their eyes. But for some reason…as odd as it may be i would love to take off into the woods with good ole bukowski. He makes me want to rip my heart out, but at the same time he sees things in ways i would never.

WHERE: the black forest and all of it’s glory.

WHEN: as much as i would love to head out in autumn, i think it’s safer to say our adventure would be more enjoyable during the summer.

WHAT: backpacking of course! What better way to see the forest than to be supertramping it out.

HOW LONG: i would love to suggest a length of time to spend in the depths of the woods, but i simply do not know. I suppose as long as it takes to be satisfied with my journey.

From the entire DIHEDRAL crew,

We hope you guys enjoyed our bit of fun, and as always thank you for the read!!


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