The Next Big Adventure!

The year is coming to a close very soon, and I just wanted to take a step back and reflect on some accomplishments of this year as well as focus on next years big goals!

This year has gone by so fast and my adventures even faster. I’ve spent lots of time this year focusing on getting stronger both physically and mentally. From getting back on the wall after multiple seizures to starting crossfit. I can’t think of anything better to have spent the year doing.

This year I was able to flash my first V6 at my local gym. Which is pretty impressive considering there’s some V2’s I can’t even send. I was able to confidently belay again after some time of apprehension due to possible seizures.

But some of my biggest feats this year weren’t just in the gym. I started a family with an amazing woman, I am finishing my final semesters of school, and I went on plenty of adventures throughout the country.

This next year holds many opportunities for not only myself and my family but also all of us here in the Dihedral. I hope and I am determined to take every chance to get outdoors, every day off I’ll be at the gym working towards my lead certification. And I hope to take more than two trips outside the country this year.

So as always thank you for tuning in for this weeks rant about my life. Let’s hear some of your accomplishments of this year and your hopes for next!!


8 Replies to “The Next Big Adventure!”

  1. … didn’t do anything really meaningful except discovering Buddhism… but I am at the level of the baby there… so… 🤓

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  2. I’m looking forward to contending with more of the damage done to my joints during my years of running trails. Still, it was worth it, though the process of becoming bionic is NOT fun. It’s been a year of clarifying what is most meaningful to me and that pretty much boils down to walks in nature with my dogs at whatever level remains to me. I put together a little book of hiking stories from the years of red trails and rocks. The little book is closure on a long moment and a door opening to a new moment. 🙂 ❤

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  3. Got my first 12 and did my long time (3 years in the making) goal of climbing Squaw Struck 5.11 22 pitches. I truly never thought I would be able to do especially since I still remember a time when I never thought I would learn to lead Climb. This upcoming year I hope to get more into bouldering but more than anything I want to keep having the most fun on the wall as I can! 5.5 or 5.12 it’s all amazing!

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  4. Congratulations on starting your family! My wife and I just did the same. Our little boy is two weeks old. My goals for the next year include running some self-supported ultras and maybe a powerlifting meet.

    Good luck!

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  5. I finally adulted a little bit more and purchased our first home early this year. I then peaked as an adult and loafed. But then inspiration struck!! I am unable to keep any form of plant life alive so I decided to begin gardening in 2018. What better way to beat my self confidence than a hard splash of cant grow plants reality? 🙂

    However, congrats on all of your amazing 2017 accomplishments. What a stellar sounding year! Here is to raising that bar in 2018!

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