A Climber’s Christmas

This week we decided we would help all you climbers and loved ones of climbers out with your Christmas gift lists! These are a few things we think would hit the nail on the head for the climbers in your life!!


When I was a little kid Christmas was all about the stocking, we never had a lot of money, but somehow my mom always found a way to fill a stocking up with the most fun little things a kid could imagine. So for Carrot’s Holiday List for Climbers I am offering three stocking stuffer recommendations for that climber in your life.

1. Grivel Mega HMS Twin Gate Carabiner ($17.95 Backcountry.com) – You can never go wrong getting a new carabiner for a climber, especially one as safe/unique/cool looking as the Grivel Twin Gate. When that climber in your life reaches into the toe of their stocking to pull out this baby, it will be nothing but smiles!
2. Joshua Tree Scented Chalk for Climbers ($9.99 jtreelife.com) – I didn’t even know scented chalk existed until last week, I was belaying a friend and all of the sudden it started smelling like lavender. I asked my friend if she smelled flowers, and she mentioned it was her new chalk. Climbers inhale chalk all the time, and so we might as well be inhaling the fresh scents offered by Joshua Tree!
3. Nature/Climbing Inspired Artwork (Prices Vary) – Climbers tend to spend a lot of time in nature, and generally have a profound respect for their surroundings. Giving a climber a piece of artwork that captures the majesty of Mother Nature will always be a hit! Personally I love the style of Craig Muderlak (muderlakart.com), so if you are looking for a colorful nature print his website might be a good place to start, besides, a print tube is a perfect way to fill up the leg of that stocking!


Nothing like enjoying hand made creations from independent and growing designers ! Support them by buying their work and gifting a creative and unique piece.

Etsy; Rock Climbing Mug – $24.95

Etsy; Vinyl Clock, Climbing Wall Art – $19.80

Etsy; Peru Patch Bag; Chalk Bag – $30.00


my favorite part of Christmas has always been the giving. I always go for everyone’s hobbies because that’s where they’ll spend most of their time and energy.

1. Climbing holds magnets. (Miltonclimbing on Etsy.com for $18.00) these little things will make any climber laugh. Cheap, small, and makes your fridge feel like a gym wall.

2. Spree beanie (Organicclimbing.com $22.00) If your climbers are anything like me, they’ll love a soft and neon beanie cap from Organic climbing.

3. Friction lab chalk refills. (Backcountry.com $3.96) holy moly!! I don’t think i know of a better feeling than getting a fresh bag of chalk. Cheap and easy gift that any climber will love!

Happy Holidays!!!



Featured image from Canberra Climbers’ Association. 

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