Whose Shoes?

When flying the friendly skies I usually like to bring three things by which to entertain myself. A book to read. Sudoku puzzles. Logic puzzles1. I really enjoy working logic puzzles (except for when I mis-read a clue, then I do not enjoy working logic puzzles). The thing about logic puzzles, is that given the right amount of time, and the right strategy, anyone could do them. They exercise the brain, help pass the time, and if you solve the puzzle they do have the ability to tap the dopamine release button. They’re fun, they’re challenging, and in those respects they are very much like rock climbing! Also like climbing they come in different grades/levels. Some are harder and some are easier, and whether or not you send/complete the attempt you always walk away better for having tried.

So if you like to climb, or you enjoy logic puzzles, or you have lungs, then this post is for you!

A climbing themed logic puzzle loosely based on the members of theDIHEDRAL team2. I’d rate this puzzle as easy; in climbing terms I’d say it’s a 5.9. If you think you’ve solved it, the answers are posted at the bottom3…no peeking! Have fun and good luck! (If you’ve never worked a logic puzzle before, here is a link to help get you started)

Backstory and Goal

Lynn Hill a professional rock climber and climbing guide is taking a group of climbers into Yosemite Valley for a weekend climbing trip. She wants to make sure that each climber has their favorite pair of shoes. Using only the clues provided help Lynn match each climber to their shoes, by determining the size, manufacturer, and color of each pair of shoes.

Logic Grid (it may help to print this out, or copy it down on a piece of paper)

Logic Grid

Active Clues

  1. Of the size 9 and the size 7 shoes, La Sportiva makes one and the other is Sarah’s.
  2. Sarah’s shoes are 2 sizes larger that the black shoes.
  3. La Sportiva does not make Gaia’s shoes.
  4. The yellow shoes are not size 8 nor size 9.
  5. The size 8 shoes are either the shoes made by Five Ten or the black shoes.
  6. The black shoes, the size 9 shoes, and the So iLL shoes are all different pairs.
  7. Carrot’s shoes are either the Green shoes or the shoes made by Tenaya.


Logic Chart1

And that is that…whether this was your first logic puzzle or you are a regular ol’ logic master, I hope you had fun. Please feel free to tell us how you fared.

Carrot (Co-writer) theDIHEDRAL

  1. My favorite brand of logic puzzles is penny press. Their background stories are really charming, and the puzzles are frustratingly fun!
  2. This puzzle is adapted from one of Puzzle Baron’s on-line logic puzzles Howie and the backpacks.
  3. Please let me know if anyone wants me to update this post with a grid key, I’m happy to add one if anyone would find it useful.

Answer Key

Logic Key

3 Replies to “Whose Shoes?”

    1. Sophie, I am so pumped that you liked this post, I was very scared to post it because it is such a specific read. But knowing that at least one person enjoyed this things makes me content!


  1. I have just read three of your posts. When I discovered the Title “A Challenging Experience” I was thinking of my life as a Retired Pensioner. I have come to your blog and yes when I look back on my life I can remember times that you are going through. Keep me posted

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