Dogpatch Boulders (Gym Review)

If you took the best aspects of almost any climbing gym, and plugged them into one place, that place would probably look something like Dogpatch Boulders in San Francisco, California. The gym is located in the famed blue-collar neighborhood of Dogpatch, and lives up to the history of grit and hard work that put Dogpatch on the map. The modern amenities of the now thriving neighborhood offer lots of options after pumping out on the walls of Dogpatch Boulders.  After as session on the wall I recommend heading over to Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous for some fine ass Ice Cream. (you gotta replace all those calories you just burnt off at the gym somehow right?) Ice cream is beside the point, there is a lot of fun to be had in Dogpatch, but more importantly, the gym itself offers just as many options on the walls (from slab to arête/vert to arch).

When you come to Dogpatch Boulders you come to climb, this place isn’t pretending to be something it’s not, this is a boulder gym and bouldering you will get. If someone’s into Minnie and Mickey a 6 hour car ride south on I-5 to Anaheim would make their day, but if you’re into bouldering then your Disneyland is right here on 3rd street in Dogpatch San Francisco.

When I walked in the doors, I couldn’t wait to warm up, I tossed my shoes on, chalked up and was off. I seriously felt like a 6 year old seeing the Magic Kingdom for the first time. Route after route after route, I just wanted more and more and more. I tried not to think of anything as a project, because I wanted to get on as much as I could, which is not actually possible as there are over 300 routes throughout the gym. My favorite sections are the back top out (the view from the top is great), the alcove, and the big arch.



I usually take a little time to acknowledge the setters when it comes to a gym review, but this is one of the most famed and historic bouldering gyms in the world, that reputation doesn’t come unless your setters are cooking with gas, and these routes are fire.

I love everything about this place, from the routes, to the diversity of the walls, the largest bouldering floor I could ever imagine, to the aura and attitude. Dogpatch Boulders is truly a neighborhood rock gym with world class appeal. As far as recommendations I’d say you couldn’t do much better than Dogpatch Boulders.


Carrot (Co-writer) theDIHEDRAL

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