Showtime at theDIHEDRAL

If you type the single word “climbing” into a YouTube search over 15,500,000 come up. There are so many great videos of docs, sends, beta, reviews, tutorials, films, interviews, falls, walls, people, places, things, and almost anything else you could imagine. A climbing buddy recently noted that if his boss knew how much time he spent watching climbing videos in his office that he would be fired immediately. Now of course we at theDIHEDRAL don’t want anyone to get in trouble at work, but we did want to share some of our favorite videos from that lot of over 15,500,000.

Grab some popcorn, lock the office door, and enjoy!


I debated posting a “How to Clean Anchors” video, but I thought there could be some safety issues with that idea, so I passed. My second thought was to post some of the worlds best climbers completing some of the worlds most difficult climbs, I get absolutely lost in these types of videos, and didn’t want to spend the next eight hours trying to select my favorite.  I’m not sure that I am even capable of that completing that quest, so instead I opted for two lighthearted videos.

Video #1 Shit People Say To Climbers “Are you guys rock climbing?”

It makes me feel really happy when people ask this. Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher, but whenever I hear this question, I want to teach everything I know about climbing to the person asking. I think the video is kind of making fun of the protagonist, but I find him genuinely endearing.

Video #2 Man goes mountain climbing with his dog

AHHHHHH that dog is so nice, and she is such a good climber. I don’t have much else to add, it’s just a man that goes rock climbing with his dog!


Video #1 La Dura complete. 

This reason I picked this video is solely based on the fact that it embodies the true grit of climbing, take after take till you get to the top.

Video #2 First Female Rock Climbing Ascent on Viaje de los Locos

Gotta give my ladies out there a round of applause!!! Climbing isn’t just for boys. We crush it too.


Video #1 HolisticHabits

I recently bumped into this Youtube user and fell in love with everything she does. Sarah has inspired me to gain healthier habits and to start this new year with fresh and positive vibes. Also, the tone of her voice is soothing and makes you feel like you are in a constant state of meditation.

Video #2 Any video from el Cruce Columbia

Impossible not to get excited while watching these videos. I feel like jumping into the screen and magically appearing there. I hope I can soon run it again and revive that life changing experience.

We hope you enjoyed. There are so many inspirational and entertaining videos out there and so, if you guys have any video recommendations please send us a link.

Until then, and for now…




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