Mighty Mouse.

I’ve always been the smallest and weakest in every aspect of my sporting life. I’ve never been able to complete certain routes or successfully pull off a move. But as of lately I’ve really been dedicated to embracing my short comings.

Recently I’ve been holding myself accountable for my crossfit and strength training journey, and in doing so I’ve been raking in the gains.

I have come so far is such a short amount of time. Going from deadlifting around 50 pounds to a few pounds shy of my 104 pound body weight. Last night I was even able to snatch around 65 pounds overhead after five minutes of coaching.

Crossfit can be tough and some days I damn sure don’t want to make it in but I can tell this is something I’ve been missing, something that will help me be the best me I can possibly be.

Life happens and I honestly haven’t been to the climbing gym in some time but from the last time l was able to climb to now I was able to send a 5.11 and climb a V6. This was never possible for me before and man am I excited to see how much farther I can progress in the coming months!!


And as always thanks for reading the bit of my life I decide to share!!



15 Replies to “Mighty Mouse.”

  1. Good for you!! Keep in mind, we small people can do things big people can’t so we sometimes have an advantage especially when you’re playing outdoors.

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  2. Great that you were able to archive some gains 👍 I think CrossFit and calisthenics workouts are a great addition to climbing because they address a lot of the muscle groups that are used in climbing.

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  3. A long time ago when my brother, his friends and I free climbed at the Garden of the Gods and various other rocks around Colorado Springs, the advice was, “Let Martha go first. Short people find the easiest routes.” We didn’t have any goals except getting safely to the top. SO I have tremendous respect for you, pursuing the improvement of your natural advantage in being a short person! (I’m 5’1″) 🙂

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  4. Awesome progress! Keep at it, you’re kicking butt. I’m short too and experienced the same challenges you did, looking into crossfit as well. 😀

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  5. Happy to catch up with you. SOME will say that you’re at an advantage, only having to haul 104 pounds up that face, but I know it doesn’t work out that way. I’d rather run 10K horizontally than climb almost any vertical face … lacking those skills. Thanks for the like on Under Western Skies, as always.

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  6. Well done, but why burden yourself with challenges? Why is it small people act in this way. Ok I’m not small but I couldn’t give a dam about being faster, stronger, or better in any way. I am me and nobody else can be me.

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  7. Thank you for the follows on my blog chroniclesofmccloskey I was curious to see who and what the Dihedral was. You all are an interesting lot and we are kindred spirits to be sure. I have enjoyed your posts and thank for giving me the opportunity to understand the Dihedral by reading my drivel.

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  8. Enjoyed this! Don’t know which writer came to DailyBiblePrayer but thanks for the like. Praying God will show you step by step the direction to go, as He has prepared you in advance for success.

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  9. My little lightweight daughter has taken up climbing at an indoor climbing gym and she loves it. Admittedly she is very athletic and a dancer too, but still, I can see why you are hooked!

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