Mammut, Ophira Climbing Harness

Gear Review: Climbing harness.

Company: Mammut

Product: Ophira 3 Slide Climbing Harness – Women.

I do not know where to begin with this harness, because I am absolutely in love with it. I am very picky with regards to legs because I cannot stand to feel them compressed. If I find an item that makes my thighs hold their breath, an “x” mark is put next to it.  I have wide thighs and I always struggle to find items of this nature that do not suffocate my extremities. For some reason, the day I was looking for climbing harnesses all of the ones I tried on had fitted elastic leg loops. The latter is a feature that pleases many because it gives you freedom of movement, but for me it did the opposite. It probably was completely psychological, but I knew it was not going to work for me from the get go. I was giving up hope until I found Mammut’s Ophira harness. The fact that this harness has adjustable leg loops was a definite plus for me. I did not look any further and settled with it. Although not as light as the more advanced in tech, I am satisfied with my purchase and completely recommend it for people with thigh sensitivity (if that is even a thing).

Recommendation: Beginners; all skill levels.

Gear Loops: 4
Adjustable Leg Loop: Y E S
4 kN haul loop
3 Slide Bloc buckles
MSPR: $54.95


7 Replies to “Mammut, Ophira Climbing Harness”

  1. That looks very much like the harnesses I would use many years ago and I’m with you, I hate constriction around my legs… and arms. I’m more efficient without and that’s crucial. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I’ll keep this one in mind. Niecie wants to learn how to rock climb this year. Just another adventurous thing we can write about I suppose! My brother is enamored with the sport, but he can only really provide beginners advice and recommendations for men’s climbing equipment. Thanks for the advice.

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    1. That depends more on the anchor/tie-in system that you would use. I know they make construction harnesses, that are designed for life on the scaffold, which would probably be a safer bet.


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