Smooth Seas Don’t Make For Skilled Sailors.


I know that sometimes my posts seem redundant, I always seem to talk over the same subject(s). But about a year ago I was diagnosed epileptic and that put my climbing to a screeching halt. I wasn’t able to drive, I wasn’t able to belay, I wasn’t able to even climb any higher than five feet. I lost basically all my grip strength and upper body. And if you don’t use it  you lose it.

As of lately I have been doing my best to hit the walls and well crash pads as much as I can to get back to wear I left off. From climbing 5.12s to starting all over at 5.8s I have done so much in the past year to get back. And here I am working my way back to the good stuff.

Every now and then I’ll get discouraged when I fail to complete the move that I need to send my route. But I think to myself smooth seas don’t make for a skilled sailor. We all have to go through the wringer to see the other side. I watch videos and train as much as I possibly can. I seek out beta from everyone around me, which in earlier times was really hard for me to do.

Every route I flash is another step in the right direction. And I couldn’t be any happier, I have a partner that encourages and watches me climb to give me the beta I may have missed. Alongside a crew of climbing companions I will be back in no time.
My climbing has taken on a different style now that I have to be more on my toes, but I think it’s really progressed from where I was and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

As always thank you for stopping in and reading my nonsense!




10 thoughts on “Smooth Seas Don’t Make For Skilled Sailors.

  1. dsue says:

    I am not climbing (though I’d love to), but I connected with your post because, as a trail runner, I have had such a long recovery time after being injured last September. I am back to it and improving, but sometimes when I think of the ability and fitness I’ve lost, I get discouraged. It is important to remind oneself of the improvements one is making, and to stay patient. I think for my upcoming race, I’ll still be that sailor going through rough seas, but hopefully, that journey will lead to calmer waters and better performance later in the year. Thinking long term and trying to focus on the joy of the moment!

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