Superior Ice Climbing

Linking a short three part doc, presented by Red Bull.  Ice Climbing with two of the best (Angela VanWiemeersch and Sasha DiGiliuan) right in Carrot’s backyard (Munising, Michigan).


theDIHEDRAL team

20 Replies to “Superior Ice Climbing”

  1. Cool post – I’ve always wanted to Ice Climb but just haven’t achieved it yet. I do, however, live smack in the middle of the Midwest where it’s just plain flat, so I’d have to find a place that offers tours or has a man-made ice cliff. Thanks for sharing these vids.

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    1. Of course…it’s our pleasure. Each February Munising host’s the Michigan Ice Fest sponsored by Black Diamond, all the gear is provided and guides abound, if you are ever in the mood and up for a drive.

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    1. There were some intense things going on in these videos…I feel you though, some of the time it’s just nice to sit back and watch the pro’s do it.


  2. Dude, I did not know you’re from Munising! Have you ever come across my buddy Cody Miller? He’s out of Illinois but has a major hard on for MI ice.


    1. I never heard of him, but I’ll ask around…if you ever take the trek you’re on way up north, then you should hit the ice, it’s a sweet spot!


  3. Nice.
    I think I’ll stick with the Southfork though.
    That Red Bull sponsorship looks good. Are you required to actually drink the Red Bull ?
    I was left wondering if the product placement had anything to do with her barfing on the plane.

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    1. But I can do it,

      In my dreams 😊,
      I Salute You, You are so brave, This adventure is like a nightmare for me.
      For you I Only Wanna say that
      When You OverCome Your Fear, Ther There is Real Life Hero Born.
      Thanks for the Post.

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