Our FIRST EVER Video !

We are so excited to announce that we are going to be starting to post videos on our blog! This is our very first video, and I’m SO PUMPED to be sharing it with you guys. We are hoping to get the team together to create even more like this one in the future if you guys like it.

Please PLEASE let me know what you think below! If you have any ideas for an awesome video, I’m pretty open to feedback and great ideas. So comment!

I’d also SUPER appreciate it if you shared this on your Facebook. And you can also check out our Facebook page at the link right HERE. Without further ado here’s theDIHEDRAL’s first video!

Thank you SO MUCH for watching. If you enjoyed it please leave a like and share! I can’t wait to hear from you!

UPDATE on my Spartan Race. If you read “Stop Waiting to Get Motivated” you know my Race is this Saturday. I’ve been training hard, but I’m super nervous! All of your support and encouragement has for sure propelled me to train much harder. Thank you guys so much!

Casen Co-writer theDIHEDRAL


31 Replies to “Our FIRST EVER Video !”

  1. That was AMAZING I swear!!! I confess I do not have much knowledge about video-making, but yours totally caught my eye; the good quality, the focus, the camera handling etc….and the climbing done by that guy (Is it you?)was sooo cool…how did he even do that! My thin arms would have snapped off clean performing that xD

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  2. I loved it! The goal I am sure is…”what did I get from it”? I always wanted to climb when I was younger, but didn’t have enough knowledge about how to get started. And no one around me was interested. This made me realize there is still a spark in me that wants to try. Nice. Good luck on your spartan race.

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  3. This is an amazing video. Great job on the climb also. One suggestion: When you embed the video close it at the end so it does not show other videos that distract from your. I have had this same issue. Keep these videos coming.

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  4. Jeebus, those are a couple of spectacular lunges! Good luck on the upcoming races, and thanks for reading my ‘lil blog.

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  5. Amazing quality of your video and I have to agree with what everyone else was saying. Very professionally done! I could never rock climb! I struggle with the fake rockfalls! 😉 Great job!

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  6. To echo was others have said, very professional and well done. I have done some climbing and intense hiking, but nothing exactly like that. The strength required blows my mind! Thank you for sharing!

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