Adam Ondra Places Second in Lead at the IFSC Climbing World Championships

Photos by Lukas Biba

Adam Ondra opens up about his performance after placing second in the  IFSC¹ Climbing World Championships’ Lead discipline yesterday in Innsbruck, Austria.

Czech climber Adam Ondra expressed his discontent after missing a move that would later define his placement in the Lead competition of this year’s IFSC Climbing World Championships.

“Silver at the World Championships is a good result. However, I felt really strong in the finals and I was really angry when I fell because I did not feel very tired at that moment,” Ondra said, also adding that the particular moment made him doubt about his chances to be in the podium.

“At that point I doubted that I can even make it to the medals because I knew others will fall in this move as well.”

Ondra placed second after this year’s Lead winner, Jakub Schubert. The final results were determined by the athletes’ semi-final performance because both climbers fell at the same spot during the final route.

Ondra recognized the importance of the semi-final and opened up on the aspects of the route he struggled with.

“The semi-final route was actually the most important route of this competition which unfortunately I messed up a bit. I did not warm up my hands properly, and I also did not read the route properly just before I fell,” says Ondra.

The competition will continue until September 16th, where climbers will continue to face off in different disciplines including the first time ever Combined format².

Bouldering, Speed Climbing, and the Combined format will take place during the upcoming days.

Ondra, 6-time WCH medal winner, will compete in all disciplines this year.

Gaia Co-writer theDIHEDRAL

¹International Federation of Sport Climbing

²Olympic Format- Combination of three disciplines




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