Tenaya Mundaka

Gear Review: Climbing Shoes

Company: Tenaya

Product: Mundaka

The Tenaya Mundaka: Where hyperbole meets reality. This is the best climbing shoe ever made.

In all seriousness, that intro should be the only sentence in this entire review, but readers want reasons, and reviews typically provide.  SO, here is the defense…

They just are!

Dogmatic exclamations aside, and in (more) all seriousness, good is a relative term, especially when it comes to finding a shoe that is right for you.  Personally, I prefer a soft rubber sole; I like to feel the rock beneath my feet, especially when I’m edging on blade.  Without exaggeration this shoe offers the most confidence I’ve ever had in a shoe’s ability to power off a dime’s edge.

The split-sole offers a combination of power and comfort that I legitimately never thought possible. I’m not fabricating when I say that the break-in time for this shoe is nada.  The comfort level right out of the box is better than my warm-up shoes; it’s basically an aggressive beast that feels like a slipper.

Photo Credit: Katie Scogins

The Draxtor PAT Velcro lacing system (as seen in the Iati) ensures that snug fit offered on day one lasts the lifetime of this shoe; it also makes the ease of use beyond almost anything else on the market.  For those of you with concerns about environmental impact, this is a fully vegan shoe composed of microfiber and a treated cotton lining.

Admitting the relative nature of what makes a shoe “good” I have to confess that the color scheme is right up my alley…that green/black/gray combo pops both on and off the wall.  SO the next time you’re ready to show off at the crag whether you’re warming up or projecting; wearing the Mundaka will assure that you’re the envy of everyone else’s eye. As well as everyone else’s feet!

When it comes to climbing shoes, you can imagine all the boxes you would expect the perfect shoe to check.  When it comes to the Tenaya Mundaka you can go ahead and check them all, because this is indeed the perfect shoe!

Recommendation: High Performance

Specs: Material: Microfiber, Fastener: Velcro, Draxtor PAT system, Lining: Cotton with TXT treatment, Insole: 2D multi-layer stretch tex, Midsole: Double midsole GX 1.4 + TST 131, Outsole: Vibram XS Grip 3.5 mm, Notes: Vegan

MSPR: $180

Web-Site: trangooval-ecg-2

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