5 CRUCIAL Things All Climbers Should Know

Climbing as an activity is growing. You know it and I know it. As our community grows, I think it’s important we keep each other in check. Whether you’re a crusty old crag junkie, fresh meat, or just considering climbing, I hope you’ll take this advice to heart.

1) Don’t use climbing lingo in regular conversation

This can be tempting. Especially to the newer climber. I hate to break it to you, but it doesn’t sound cool to replace the word “advice” with the word beta. I had a climbing buddy ask me for “calculus homework beta” the other day. Luckily, it was early enough in the semester for me to drop the class so I’d never have to see him again.

2) Do your best to share gear

I’m not saying you should be a charity, but try and be charitable. When I first started climbing, a friend of mine lent me his harness until I could afford my own. I was able to make sure it was something I wanted to do before I spent all my money on gear. I still really appreciate it!

3) Remember your non-climber friends

Although relatively boring, non-climbers typically have a great influence on us. They keep us from falling into the ‘climbing bubble’ trap. Don’t become a stereotype! It’s easy to get sucked into such an awesome sport but LISTEN. It’s healthy for you to do things other than climbing. Make sure you spend time with other people and don’t forget where you came from.

4) Don’t climb the side of that building even if you could “totally send it”

Unless you’re Alex Honnold, filming a viral Facebook video, or prepared to be arrested, that sweet brick dihedral isn’t worth it. We’ve all wanted to try this a time or two. I understand where the urge comes from. If you just can’t keep away from brick and mortar, make sure you send me the video!

5) Don’t complain

As climbing continues to get more popular, it might feel a bit crowded at times. Do your best to be welcoming. This sport will continue to advance further and further. You can look at it as exciting, or you can long for the old days. I want to encourage you to look to what lays ahead! There will always be more gyms to be built, crags to be found, and friends to be had.

Thanks, as always, for reading. Remember to share, and I’d love for you to strike up a conversation with me below! Do you have any advice to your fellow climbers?

– Casen

Casen (Co-writer)


13 Replies to “5 CRUCIAL Things All Climbers Should Know”

  1. Anything can become a bubble these days. Once in the bubble it gradually becomes more difficult to get out. And that’s sad because you miss out on a lot of life and never know it until it is gone.

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  2. “Luckily, it was early enough in the semester for me to drop the class so I’d never have to see him again.” hehehe A justifiable reaction.

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  3. hi and thanks for your support. Glad to get this. As a… crusty old crag… Nature Walker who has had to resort to Free Climbing at Times and Places. Tis i, Shiro. Who needs THIS ADVICE. Thanks much.

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  4. I began climbing with a buddy who was so into it that he would not associate with non-climbers. We haven’t talked for 5 years, the amount of time since I climbed. He borrowed my harness and never brought it back. I would likely climb again with the right person teaching me. Good advice, have a life outside of climbing and befriend non-climbers. You might draw someone into this great activity just because you share your love for it with them.

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  5. Join the American Alpine Club and read Accidents in North American Climbing (yearly sent to you as a member) to learn how people are messing it up each year. That education was very important to keeping me alive during my early years. Also check out the Tech Tips on my blog for more climbing advice 🙂

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  6. I love the “resist the brick and mortar” climbs of buildings. Nature makes more creative holds than us Architects. It’s like getting a bye, and potentially eyebrows up Obo Wan style with, “OHHHH, gravity is strong in that one… writhing after smacking into the sidewalk… or worse, a bollard” 🙂

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