10 Easy Ways To Reduce Plastic

One of our favorite things about writing for theDIHEDRAL is the interaction we have with fellow writers/readers.  Our current goal of raising awareness about the use and over-use of plastics through our #plasticcap challenge has lead to loads of correspondence with other like-minded movements.  Recently Tori at SIMPLEOCEANSOUL posted a piece that goes hand in hand with our current charge.  We thought it would be useful to those who have accepted the #plasticcap challenge to take a look.

Our original challenge can be found here.

Tori’s 10 Easy Ways To Reduce Plastic can be found here.

Only 5 days left, let’s see how much less damage we can do!


4 Replies to “10 Easy Ways To Reduce Plastic”

  1. Hi there, I love this article! I think you liked one of my posts so thanks! I am not really an accomplished blogger yet but I hope to be! X

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