Boy’s Argo PS/GS Hiking Boots 

Gear Review: Hiking Boots

Company: Magellan Outdoors

Product: Boy’s Argo PS/GS Hiking Boots

Let’s just put it like this: Mom on a budget. We were going on a winter road trip and I had to gear up for it. We were not sure if we would be fortunate enough to experience snow, but lots of hiking was for sure on the itinerary. Taking that into account, I wanted to get my son both water repellent and comfortable boots. The problem is, HIS FEET GROW SO FAST! I did not want to spend much money on this pair because I knew he would lose them quickly. However, the common thought is that the best brands are the expensive ones. I was losing hope until I found the Magellan Argo boots.

These boots were right within my budget and cute looking… I must say. I am satisfied with their performance as well. Two weeks of adventure and they still are ready for more. I bought them one size bigger and T, my son, never complained. We hiked long and steep trails with diverse fauna and not a single cactus spine got through the shoe lining. Also, NO BLISTERS. This is a very important aspect to take into account. Swollen, humid feet are prone to blister easily because they are more sensitive to friction. This pair is blister free, at least it was for us!

Take into account that because they are boots, they can be a pain to put on. Another “downfall,” at least for my son, is that the boot colors were not bright enough. No problem! We changed the laces for bright green ones!

Recommendation: Kids, medium to long hikes.

Specs (as stated on

  • Full-grain leather and suede uppers
  • Cosmo waterproof membranes keeps your feet dry
  • TPR outsoles provide traction
  • Supportive TPR midsoles
  • EVA insole cushioning
  • Lace closures
  • Mesh sock liners help your feet stay cool
  • Heel loops
  • 4-inch boot height

MSPR: $29.99

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