Coloring Rocks.!?

In order to keep things fresh, I try to mix things up every now and then.  No one wants to read the same narrative over and over again, and I like to think we’ve done a decent job of bringing in some alternative submissions. I mean who can forget Dort and Dan, the climbing logic puzzle, jugs and whippers, Guess Who, or the climbing glossary rap!

This week I decided to hop off the ‘narrative wagon’ once more to bring you Carrot’s 1st attempt at a stress relieving coloring book page.  Let me preface what you are about to see with a quick explanation and short set of guidelines.

My favorite rock is a heavily over-populated sedimentary butte in Sedona Arizona called Bell Rock (see cover photo). The easy access, and modest climb make this spot a tourist haven, which at times can be annoying, but it’s popular for a reason and I am consistently drawn back to it.  One of my favorite views in the same area is another sandstone butte called Cathedral Rock.  The color of the rocks during the sunset and image of the moving waters through the Oak Creek are truly magnificent.

Cathedral Rock

These two rocks were the inspiration behind this stress relieving coloring book page.  The guidelines I laid out for myself were to keep the theme and colors tied to the locale of these two iconic rocks.

Also I’m terrible at art! But if you want to try your hand at coloring this page, please let me know.  I’d love to send you a copy of the PDF1.

Bell Rock Page
Coloring Book Page (Sedona Theme)


Bell Rock Colored
Coloring Book Page (Sedona Theme – Colored)

This was actually kind of fun to work on…I didn’t realize how long it would take to color each and every pebble/section, but now that it’s done I can honestly say this was a nice way to relax!

I am definitely not going to be the next Gauguin, but if I’m ever in Tahiti with a Sharpie and a sketchbook…

Carrot (Co-writer)

  1. Just hit me up if you’d like a copy of the PDF at
  • If you color it in, PLEASE show me the finished product; I would love to show off your work on theDIHEDRAL!!!

22 Replies to “Coloring Rocks.!?”

  1. Good timing….it’s my first day back at work after a few days exploring Scotland and this was perfect to read following a bit of first day stress!! I may just partake of a bit of colouring in when I get home! 😊

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  2. That would make an awesome stained glass piece if anyone could do it! WOW!


    1. That was literally me until I finished. A friend actually had to remind me that coloring was supposed to be relaxing. I didn’t realize she was right until I was done.


  3. That was wonderful! I recognized the rocks immediately but could not remember their names, thanks for including that info. Having lived in Colorado near Utah, I manage to get all the names of those gorgeous red rocks mixed up. Gorgeous country, Sedona. I was there often before it became populated (before your time). I had always wished and hoped it would remain forever an artist community. Many great cowboy movies were made in that area and the little town hated movie companies. In the early days they came, were rowdy and left a mess. Not so any more, but in those days yes.
    How is the rock? I tended to misjudge holds on sedimentary rock. My hubby did not and was my savior in many cases.

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    1. The days before the shops and foot traffic, I can only imagine! It is a beautiful place. There are some routes in the populated areas, but they aren’t really advertised because of how delicate they can be. So many of the routes are trad only so that is also pretty useful in keeping the rocks pristine. Forest Service has a really good job keeping people on the trails, so despite the crowds, the area remains pretty well preserved. I have seen some shady stuff going on and some really unfortunate graffiti in sacred places, but for the most part, the nature is in tact.

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  4. Artwork is in my family. my aunt on my dads side sends me letters with her artwork on the letter and envelope. She uses colored pencils and i am planning on returning a letter with my sketchings with colored pencil.

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