Carrot Gets a Makeover!

A lot of work goes into a makeover…especially if the person being made over has little interest in the outcome!  Have you ever tried to wash a dog that didn’t want to be washed?  That was me; furry, independent, and didn’t really want to be washed.  That’s how it goes sometimes, especially with people/animals who are just as comfortable in the wilderness as they are in the comfy confines of urban/suburban life.

A few friends convinced me that this would make for a fun piece, and so a profound thank you goes out to theDIHEDRAL’s own Gaia, climber extraordinaire Katie S. and Oregon based firefighter Lauren B. for making this adventure such a blast!

The makeover included everything you could imagine. New and improved from head to toe.  New hair, new clothes, new shoes, and while you can’t smell on-line articles just yet, I tried a new body wash for that extra fresh aroma!

Now I don’t actually believe the conversion rate of 1 Picture = 1,000 Words, and I doubt there is an objective Picture/Words conversion scale, but in this case photographic evidence helps.

Exhibit A:

Carrot Before
I am a mess!

Exhibit B:

Carrot After
I am no longer a mess!

I wasn’t sure how this would go, but I had a really good time, we laughed a bunch along the way, I learned how bad I was at posing for photos (a skillset I just can’t seem excel at) and I am so grateful for the patience displayed by the makeover team. In the end, the outcome of the makeover was a success, and the fun we had along the way was worth its weight in gold bath bombs and tea tree hair gel!

Final Comparison…

Corrot Comparison

Which is better Stick or Cake?  By all means judge away!


Carrot (Co-writer)


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6 Replies to “Carrot Gets a Makeover!”

    1. Very fun and great outcome…have a few doubts regarding the pants and bare feet in the before photo (just saying…)

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