Why a Podcast?

Why a Podcast? We asked that question ourselves as well. Throughout these two years, we have found a way to efficiently tell our stories and connect with our audience through our already established articles. However, we craved for more.

As our relationships grew, we felt the need to expand our storytelling platforms to be able to provide dynamism to theDIHEDRAL. We want to highlight the achievements and struggles of other beautiful human beings with a story to share.  As a Communications major, we are constantly drilled with the notion that audio is the most intimate of the mediums. Why? because it creates the illusion that the listener is interacting with the narrator, creating an intimate atmosphere. This description is exactly want we want to evoke and are hopeful to achieve.

In order to make this dream a reality, we have taken several months into planning, studying, scheduling and playing pretend as podcast hosts. However, this new avenue comes with challenges as well. Because we are all full-time students, workers, parents, etc., finding a time to harmoniously plan a session is like playing Tetris! Therefore, we are aware that achieving the “ultimate” Podcast dynamic will take time.

Because everything is a learning process, I have decided the create a SWOT list to introspect about the project in a very open way.

  • Strengths: Quality equipment, insightful team, experienced audio crew, friendly personalities, desire to learn and grow.
  • Weakness: Nerves, insecurity about interviewing skills, overlapping schedules, difficulty following through.
  • Opportunities: Connect with audience, establish a new story telling avenue, share inspiring stories, create relationships, increase following, evolution.
  • Threats: Lose focus, disorganization, not follow through with commitment.

Being able to connect with you, our readers, has been the most rewarding aspect of this entire DIHEDRAL process. Two years ago we had the desire to connect and learn from the world by being vocal about our issues, accomplishments, and overall nonsensical thoughts. This happened without realizing that sooner than later we would end up connecting and creating relationships with many of you! For this reason, we want to thank you for being respectful and encouraging through our ups and downs.

We invite you to also be part of this new learning process where your input and participation will be incredibly valuable!

What would you like to hear next? 


Episode 1: Aubrey Hodges, 24 hrs of Horseshoe Hell

Gaia Co-writer theDIHEDRAL


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