Petzl Connect Adjust

Gear Review: Lanyard

Company: Petzl

Product: Connect Adjust

I love sparring with people; I love challenging others and myself to defend what we believe. Everything is a debate in the climbing community, whether it be belay techniques or shoes or knot tying…anchors being one of the most interesting debates as it’s not binary. There are so many different things to consider while making anchors or setting up a rappel, and so much of it is based on personal preference or person assumption of risk. I can’t even list all of the different configurations with various slings, nor could I discuss the merits of each, but something that can’t be disputed is the quality of the Petzl Connect Adjust single positioning lanyard.

Slings are great, but when I’m pumped after sending the proj and hardly able to clip anchors, I really don’t feel like figuring out how far I want to be away from the bolts, tying my knot(s) accordingly, and pulling into the wall after clipping in my sling(s) to test my system. Instead, I like to merely whip out my Connect Adjust and clip it in to the wall. The coolest feature is once you clip in, you pull on end of the lanyard as you might on a GRIGRI and it locks to keep you as close to the wall as you prefer. You don’t have to worry about knots or lengths or what type of bolts/chains/etc. are at the top of your route. Even more, it is made of dynamic rope, so if something fails, you slip, etc., it will catch you softly and without too harsh of a jerk.

As a route setter, you have to love the Connect Adjust. When you’re setting a bit to either side of the line (yay traverses!) or at an awkward angle to the wall (yay features!), the Connect Adjust has your back. You just clip it in to the nearest bolt and pull yourself in as close as you’d like. After that, setting the gnar is the easiest it’s ever been! Moreover, when you need to change your distance from the wall for the next move, you easily adjust the lanyard. Since it’s not like a daisy chain or a knotted sling, the Connect Adjust has a continuous spectrum of lengths, so it will never be too long or too short without an in-between option (yes I can be a bit of a Goldilocks when I’m on the wall but it makes for good routes and safe habits…at least that’s what I tell myself…).

If you’re still not convinced, consider the looks. The Connect Adjust is a burning sunset color, which contrasts nicely against a traditional light colored biner. I mean, views are pretty, but have you seen a Connect Adjust in action?

Recommendation: Experienced single pitch climber/cleaner

Specs: 125 g, 15-95cm long, attached by girth hitch

MSRP: $49.95

Website:  petzl'


8 Replies to “Petzl Connect Adjust”

  1. Definitely one of the best “tether” options out there! It’s a perfect system for the “barrel man/woman” to attach to a litter in technical rescue as well!

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  2. I bought the Dual Connect Adjust which has an added 45cm “tail” that can be used for quickly connecting to anchors or for rappelling. Regardless this is an awesome upgrade to the old daisy chains. Thanks for the review!

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