Finding love doesn’t always come easy, and in this day and age there are more tools to assist in the job than ever before.  But, like any good craftsman will tell you ‘refined tools cannot replace refined skills’.  Tinder and other dating apps have been an interesting addition to Love’s quiver, however I’m not sure the added quantity of Cupid’s arrows makes for a higher quality in his aim!  Finding love in the climbing community is no exception!  In other words, there are really good reasons that climbers have a difficult time finding success on dating apps.

Reason #1: Rock Climbing can take people very far from civilization!


Reason #2: Climbers can be giant nerds – at least he didn’t say “Looking to Climb into your pants”!


Reason #3: Oh come on Chad!


Reason #4: Sometimes you can’t believe what you’re told.


Reason #5: MaryBeth…something doesn’t add up?


Reason #6: Climbers are often out of WIFI range!


Reason #7: Seth your climbing puns are cheesy, far from grate!


Reason #8: Ummm…who’s writing this? Are you literally a van?


Reason #9: I don’t understand the subtleties Mary?  What are you trying to say?


Reason #10: Just NO!


Reason #11: Trevor is the guy in the back.


HOWEVER…Sometimes you find gold in the most unlikely places…so to all you romantics out there, happy prospecting!


Ignoring the possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome and/or rejection, does it really hurt to keep swiping…


…Because sometimes we find a match!  For more on this happy duo, click here!

What climbers really need is an app for finding a belay partner!  I think I’d call it WHIPPER.  Could you imagine needing a belay partner and finding this guy…


WHIPPER: an app for belationships…COMING SOON!

If you have any Tinder/belay nightmares let us know in the comments.  I’d love the chance to enshrine your story, in a follow-up piece!

Carrot (Co-writer)

26 Replies to “Tinder”

  1. Love — online or otherwise — is a crap shoot. I got the biggest disaster of my life from OKCupid, an experience that taught me that rejection is NOT the worst thing that can happen. A few years later I ended up with a fantastic fun weekend from OKCupid. Good luck to anyone out there looking for love or any of its derivatives in any of the places, wrong or otherwise. Shudder. I would really rather die than ever try that again — and there are dating sites for older people.

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      1. It’s such a good read!!! And you would be proud to know that hanging in my office is an 8 1/2 poster that I bought and carried through the Italian Alps. Not sure what to say about your romance picker, but you are sure dialed in with your selection for blogs!

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      2. Too bad I’m not attempting to date now. At least I’d get some laughs. Perhaps I’ll find the guts to write about the great weekend… But I dunno.

        And — this just showed up sponsored in my Twitter feed. Who says there’s no cross pollination between the various Internet shades of blue? But it’s funny.


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      3. P.S. Yes, the poster makes me proud. The gripes in the Grindelwald bathroom are real — a bunch of American ladies off a tourist bus outside the little room (Swiss value bathroom privacy) where I was, you know, were complaining about the toilet paper. I wanted to rush out and say, “You’re in fucking Switzerland, for the love of God. Who CARES! You could’ve brought your own!!!”

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  2. When our children were young, I used to pass out “calling cards” at the playground when I met a fun fellow mom with compatible kids. It wasn’t unlike swiping. They either got the card or they didn’t. 🙂

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  3. I belayed once for a class at the University of Alabama, and a sorority girl put a harness on over a mini skirt, and then tried to come down a cliff head first. I saved her life, and also got a good view of her underwear.

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  4. Actually, the class was a Humanities class called “Creativity.” That young lady was definitely creative. I wish I could make up this kind of stuff. Nice pale blue undies, btw.


  5. LOL
    This is so true! I use Tinder and makes you want give up instead of keep searching. It’s just going deep and deep in weird situations (when they actually appear). But I have to be honest. I found love a couple of times in Tinder. Nice and serious guys who I had a relationship. I think the most important is not limit to know people only through it. Sometimes we don’t even go out in social places because it’s easier stay home in the couch swiping. I’m not saying you’ll find a good boy in the club and a weird/fuck boy in tinder. That’s not the rule. But sometimes I refuse to use tinder because I already spend so much time in front of my phone and there’s no sense stay home looking at my phone. Also, I met some great guys in very unusual situations like “blablacar” (for those who don’t know it’s sharing car pool app). Internet has infinite ways but the most important is don’t stop hours in tinder.

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    1. This is so true!!! Fantastic description, especially the idea staying in and swiping instead of actually living life…good stuff!!!


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