I Hate Climbing (Tee)

Gear Review: T-Shirt

Company: I Hate Climbing

Product: I Hate Climbing (Unisex) Tee

‘I Hate Climbing’ is a brand-new company, and the moment I heard about them, I immediately fell in love.  The irony in their name catches you off-guard.  It’s hilarious!  There is not a single climber on the planet who can’t relate to the message.  As a collective we put so much time and effort into an activity in which the point is difficult to understand, even for us.  Of course we enjoy it, and the benefits are exponential, but enjoyment and exponents are generally on the surface.  There is something deeper…climbers climb because we’re climbers!  Most of our efforts end in failure, i.e. most of the time we do not make it to the top.  But we do our best to get there.  We bleed, and swear, we rip, we tear, we fall over and over, but there is something in the heart of a climber that pushes us to try again.  I love that about climbers and I love that about rock-climbing.  That sentiment is hard to express, thank goodness that rock climbers are generally sarcastic, light-hearted, and creative in their stubbornness!

Somehow the expression ‘I HATE CLIMBING’ captures everything I love about climbing, I’m not sure how it happens, or if I can explain it, but I am certain that every climber can attest to, relate to, and absolutely embrace that fact that there is something powerfully moving about ‘I HATE CLIMBING’.

Regarding their t-shirts, I am not speaking in hyperbole when I say this is the single greatest tee that I have ever worn, I literally have dozens of t-shirts, and if I never had to wear a single one of them ever again it would be too soon.  The ‘I Hate Climbing’ Classic Tee might be THE perfect shirt!  This company has reached into the heavens and pulled out the ideal form of what it means to be a t-shirt.

This lightweight tri-blend allows your body to breathe through the crux, and fits in a way that moves with you from throw to throw!  The comfort level is almost unbelievable, it’s so soft that having to change out of this small piece of heaven may cause mild bouts of trauma (I’m not exaggerating when I say that the first time I put it on, I wore it for two days straight).  And in addition to the comfort offered by the ‘I Hate Climbing’ Classic Tee, this thing is about as eco-friendly as an article of clothing can get.

The message is on point, the comfort is on point, and ‘I Hate Climbing’ follows an eco-friendly business model that should appeal to all!  With recycled and organic fibers, ethically and sustainably sourced inks and 100% recycled packaging (the packaging is adorable – you should buy a shirt just so you can see what their earth friendly packaging looks like)…with all that ‘I Hate Climbing’ offers I could not imagine a better shirt on the planet.

I sincerely love this shirt and strongly recommend it to everyone.  Whether you’re a climber in the midst of sending your lifelong project, or someone who somehow legitimately hates, climbing this shirt is for you!

The perfect t-shirt HAS arrived

Recommendation: Every person in the world!

Specs: 50% Repreve Recycled Polyester, 25% Organic Cotton, 25% Tencel Organic cotton grown without added pesticides, GMOs, or chemicals.

MSPR: $39.95 (Discount Code: sendit2020 for 15% off)

Website:   i-hate-climbing-logo



5 Replies to “I Hate Climbing (Tee)”

  1. I Hate Climbing could work for anyone who strives extremely hard to reach any goal. You certainly did a great job selling the tee. I love that it is so environmentally friendly too. Thinking about getting my husband one it sounds like something he would love. Thanks for the great info. Love 💕 J

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    1. J, the founder has agreed to share a post with us, she’s seems like an incredibly hard worker with a moral compass pointing the right direction. It should be up in the next few days, but getting the chance to support an eco-friendly start-up with a unique message, has really made my day!

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      1. I will watch for it. Sounds like something special and we are all striving toward some mountain to climb and there are always falls. Love the logo. Thank you and have a great weekend. Love 💕 J

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