Irene Yee

Photographer Irene Yee has taken the climbing world by storm!  A storm of fun, compassion, open-mindedness, and color, lots and lots of color!!!

We sit down to talk with Irene about the joy and struggle of climbing photography. As we visit Irene’s journey through the discipline, she shares her secret to a fun and exciting climbing/life experience.

Ladylockoff opens up about her drive to empower communities and her strategy to do so: challenge the status quo.

Join us as we look at life through Ladylockoff’s lens.

Podcast Here!

Irene’s Photography Here!


An enormous THANK YOU to Irene for sitting down with us and an enormous THANK YOU to you for listening in!




9 Replies to “Irene Yee”

  1. Absolutely stunning photography. I am always amazed at the strength that women have and the beauty of their strength in many sports. You have truly captured the beauty of the landscape, women and complexity of the moves and strength these women have. What a blessing. Stay strong, healthy and con

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