Arnie Kander

Arnie Kander is known as one of the top physical therapists and trainers in the world.  He has earned an NBA championship ring with the Detroit Pistons as the head PT.  The Adroit Arnie Kander is known as much for his kind personal interactions as he is for his unique (borderline odd) approach to health and well-being.

Arnie Kander has been a mainstay of the Detroit Pistons since 1992. He is as much a reason for the Pistons’ success as any of the players, coaches, or GMs. What puts him above the rest of the field is that on top his exceptional aptitude in modern physical training, his skill in alternative healing borders on wizardry.

– Clavin Kiple (Bleacher Report 2009)

Arnie has recently taken to social media to share his expertise with the world as we all try to navigate the muddy waters of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

His priceless advice has literally moved his audience toward improved health in both mind and body.  Sometimes our current predicament can make us feel as though we are caught without direction on a rudderless ship, but Arnie Kander is there to make sure at the very least, there is a steady wind in our sail!

Arnie Kander joins us on our most current podcast to share some of the necessary tools to not only get by, but to flourish.


@arniekander (If you are on Instagram, Arnie Kander is a must follow)

An enormous THANK YOU to Arnie for sitting down with us and an enormous THANK YOU to you for listening in!


4 Replies to “Arnie Kander”

  1. You’re my first post like, on my first post lol. So thank you!! Btw, I’ve enjoyed climbing in the past when i lived in the stunning South Island of New Zealand.

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    1. You have a really fun and inspiring blog!!! I would love to have the opportunity to climb in New Zealand! If you ever want to write a guest post about that experience, let us know!

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  2. Thanks for your kind feedback! You would love it in NZ, especially the South Island for climbing. My experience was almost 20 years ago, but if I can find some pics I’ll give writing something a go!

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