The Best Of _________.

There is a weekly publication that’s printed in Detroit Michigan called The Metro Times.  Every year they put out a “Best Of” issue where readers vote on the best of _________.  It’s essentially an opportunity for readers to hype some of their favorite local spots. In light of our current situation, I thought we could work with our readers to shine a light on some local favs throughout our reach.  So that when we are able to re-populate public spaces we can gravitate toward some otherwise hidden gems that might welcome some new customers and new friends.

This week, theDIHEDRAL is tasked with illuminating some of their favorite independent shops, restaurants, venues, and restaurants, and also some of their favorite restaurants, and places to eat.  We are limited to places that are not corporate chains, and we must have visited the location in person.  There are also a couple personal non-business favs scattered in along the way.


  • Best Pizza Spot:
    • The Pie Pizzeria, Salt Lake City, UT
    • A-1 Pizza, Lyndhurst, NJ
    • Via 313 Pizza Place, Austin, TX
    • Gnarly Charlie’s, Steamboat CO
  • Best Mexican Restaurant:
    • Paco’s Tacos, Mt. Clemens, MI
    • Ninfa’s Mexican Restaurant, Baton Rouge, LA
    • Caffe di Fiori, The Woodlands, TX
    • Lonestar Taco, Magnolia TX
  • Best Outdoor Gear Shop:
    • The Hike House, Sedona, AZ
    • Cumberland Transit, Nashville, TN
    • Macundales, Caracas, Venezuela
    • Inspire Rock Gear Shop Baby!
  • Best Place for Sushi:
    • Uni Sushi, The Woodlands, TX
    • Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan1
    • Uni Sushi, The Woodlands, TX
    • Sakekawa, The Woodlands TX
  • Best Holiday:
    • St. Patrick’s Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Christmas
    • Thanksgiving!
  • Best Sports Team:
    • Detroit Pistons
    • New Jersey Devils
    • La Vinotinto FC, Venezuela
    • The US in the World Cup
  • Best Place to See a Live Concert:
    • Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, CO
    • White Oak Music Hall, Houston, TX
    • The Woodlands Pavilion, The Woodlands, TX
    • Dosey Doe, The Woodlands TX
  • Best Breakfast Spot:
    • Bouldin Creek, Austin, TX
    • Luna Bakery & Cafe, Cleveland Heights, OH
    • Gusto Gourmet, Houston, TX
    • Kihei Caffe, Maui, HI
  • Best Climbing Gym Restaurant:
    • 5ATE – Inspire Rock, Spring, TX
    • The Charmery Ice Cream Factory, Baltimore, MD2
    • 5ATE- Inspire Rock, Spring, TX
    • Can’t beat 5ATE!
  • Best Spot to Camp:
    • Anywhere with friends and away from city lights.
    • Ohiopyle State Park, Ohiopyle, PA
    • Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego, Ushuai, Argentina
    • Camp Four, Yosemite
  • Best Book Store:
    • Parnassus Books, Ketchikan, AK
    • Books with a Past, Savage, MD
    • El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Book People, Austin TX
  • Best Family Diner:
    • The Pantry, Mt.Clemens, MI
    • Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern, Herndon, VA
    • Kerbey Lane Cafe, Austin, TX
    • Dixie Cafe, Hearne, TX
  • Best Dessert:
    • Desert Flour Bakery, Sedona, AZ
    • Buttercups Bake Shoppe, Stewartsville, NJ
    • Piononos, Key Biscayne, FL
    • Vegan Gummy Bears from HEB
  • Best Pro Rock Climber:
    • Lynn Hill
    • Adam Ondra
    • Lynn Hill
    • Lynn Hill
  • Other Best Pizza Spot:
    • The Original Carlos Pizza, Clinton Twp, MI
    • Pizzeria Guerrin, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Pizzarro, Houston, TX
    • Brothers Pizza, Magnolia TC
  • Best Bagels:
    • Eastside Bagel, St. Clair Shores, MI
    • Time for a Bagel, Morris Plains, NJ
    • Brooklyn Bagels, The Woodlands, TX
    • Esa Bagel, NYC
  • Best Vegan:
    • Graze Nashville, Nashville, TN
    • Graze Nashville, Nashville, TN
    • Bouldin Creek, Austin, TX
    • Double Zero (more pizza) NYC
  • Best Beach:
    • Reynisfjara, Vik, Iceland
    • Cannon Beach, OR
    • Los Roques, Venezuela
    • Destin Florida
  • Best Indian Restaurant:
    • Hyderabad House, Spring, TX
    • Sitar Indian Restaurant, Nashville, TN
    • Tandoori Indian Cuisine, Spring, TX
    • Taz Cuisine, College Station TX
  • Best Doughnuts:
    • Jellyfish Donuts, Ketchikan, AK
    • Ridge Road Hot Bagel, Lyndhurst, NJ3
    • Salty Donut, Miami, FL
    • Bryan Donuts, Magnolia TX


These are some of our favorites, let us know some of yours.  Whether you can fill in the whole list or just a few, we NEED to experience some of your local hot spots, we know you got ‘em, please give up the goods! 





  1. Technically my dad’s recommendation…sorry sushi fans, but I don’t get the hype.
  2. Not technically in the gym, but next door in the same building.
  3. The best doughnuts are bagels…

16 Replies to “The Best Of _________.”

  1. I have been to Kerbey Lane several times, including their old location years ago. I have tried to like the place because everyone talks about how great it is, but I have always been disappointed. Sometimes the place is dirty. Sometimes the food seems over-salted. Maybe it’s me and I should try the place again when I feel like going out again. I have just never understood the appeal.

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  2. My favorite local coffee spot is Summer Moon Woodfired Coffee in San Antonio TX! There are a few locations sprinkled here and in Austin but it’s not corporate, they’re all owned by the same family. I’ve been visiting their drive-thru this month, but I can’t wait to be able to sit in the cafe when they reopen.


  3. Project Pie in San Diego, CA.

    Pasquini’s in Denver, CO

    El Farol and The Teahouse in Santa Fe, NM

    Baby Boss in Philadelphia, PA.

    T.C.’s Ponderosa BBQ in Dickens Texas. With the 4-hour drive from anywhere near. Heck, eat breakfast, put on the best music or SIlence and windows down for the drive, and hit the road for lunch. Also, note they have THE most sticky speed trap there in Dickens. Once in town, drive the speed limit. I can’t say that enough. And, they don;t take down the lamb at the end of the caravan. Wolf and all, I’ve seen them Mustang Cop zip-pause up through 13 cars in a line, and take them all down. When leaving town, I suggest to also do so as well for at least 15-20 minutes. Don’t wanna mess up the bliss of it.

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  4. Yes very definitely to Red Rocks in Colorado being one of the best venues for experiencing a concert.

    And, love the Lynn Hill x 3. Priceless. R.I.P. Wolfgang.

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    1. Time to go back for sure. I think think you’ll be impressed with how much has changed and how much hasn’t changed.


  5. Bookstore – A Room of One’s Own, Madison, WI
    Bookstore – City Lights, San Francisco, CA
    Doughnuts – Greenbush Bakery, Madison, WI
    Pizza – Tony & Alba’s, San Jose, CA (though I really only ate at their prior location in Mountain View)
    Diner – Monty’s Blue Plate, Madison, WI
    Sports Team – Madison Radicals (Ultimate), Madison, WI

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