Climb On Maps

I was personally so excited when Stef and Rick from Climb-On Maps agreed to join us on the podcast. I’m a big fan of the way they document their trips, and the kind nature in which they bring fellow climbers into their world.

Rick and Stef have a natural likability, and such a calming presence that one can’t help but want to be their friend. These two climbers noticed a void in the climbing world and redirected the trajectory of their lives in order to help fill that void – Climb-On Maps was born!

In addition to creating the most intricate maps of some of the most remarkable climbing destinations in the US, Rick and Stef founded what I think is the coolest movement the climbing world has seen in several years…The WTF 5.7 Tour. If you aren’t familiar with the tour you can check it out on their web-site, their Instagram and a feature in Climbing Magazine.

Stef is also the creator of the very popular Common Climber. An on-line magazine that appeals not only to those who are proj-ing 15’s but also those who are just learning what that means.

Their stories were a delight to listen to, and their inviting demeanor exceeded our expectations.

We hope you’ll find Stef and Rick as enjoyable as we did on the latest from theDIHEDRAL Podcast.

Available on all podcast formats!

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