Momming in Nature

I wouldn’t say I grew up camping.  I spent a lot of time outdoors, and did some camping, but not enough to call myself an expert.  As I have gotten more into climbing, I find myself spending more time sleeping under the stars, and as a person who re-energizes through the gifts of mother nature, I have to say that I love it.  Getting out of the city, falling asleep with something called fresh air, the lullabies of the insects, and the nightlight provided by the stars and moon re-invigorates me.  The therapeutic healing of nature is easily forgotten once we get back to the daily activities that drive our routines.  When I am out among the trees and rocks and waves, I do my best to avoid taking anything for granted.  I spend most of my time on trips looking after my little one.  I’m doing my best to instill in him the qualities of appreciation and respect for all our planet has to offer.  Yes, there are obstacles, he has a difficult time overcoming spiders on routes he attempts to climb, he has a diminishing appreciation for fire ants, and his respect for bees and wasps is proportional to their distance.  But with all that being said, at the end of the day this little guy (like his mom) flourishes in the outdoors.

I realize that this does not sound like a gear review, but therein lies the problem.  If there is one thing that I can improve upon when camping, it’s staying focused.  On our last major camping trip my travelling companions came to know me as “where’s my”.  As in where’s my toothbrush/shoes/keys/bowl/eating utensils/clothes/headlamp/etc…. WHERE IS MY MIND?  I’ve come a long way in overcoming the moniker of “where’s my” and with a few new tricks, camping items are almost always in order and in their place (despite recently having to order a new set of tent stakes).  I’m still doing my best to find my mind, but I’ve turned the corner when it comes to camping organization.  So where were we?  Ahh right, a gear review. 

I’ve recently gotten a new headlamp (don’t ask why I needed a new headlamp, that is completely beside the point).  The Black Diamond Cosmo 250!  I’m not sure if you are more of a flashlight or headlamp camper, but let me start by saying, aside from all the bells and whistles a flashlight may bring, if you can’t wear it around your head or neck while camping with a 6 year old, then there is a good chance that you might lose it or maybe you already have *I’m talking about the flashlight* .  You might not lose it, but you might!  If you do, then let me just say, I love the Cosmo 250. I love it for two reasons, I don’t lose it at night because I just wear it everywhere, and it’s very light (in both senses of the word).

With 250 lumens on max power it can easily illuminate the surrounding tree line giving your fellow campers (especially those under 6 years old) confidence that it wasn’t an alien, or a Bigfoot, or werewolf that they heard in the woods.  And with the dimming feature, you will be sure not to wake your fellow campers (especially those under 6 years old) as you search your tent before bed for that charger, and the keys, and perhaps the remnants of your mind.

Yes, it’s also waterproof, has red night vision, dimming, strobe, and lock mode.  It comes in 7 different colors, and like I mentioned although not mentioned on the Black Diamond Spec Sheet, the Cosmo 250 works wonders as a werewolf deterrent!


MSRP: $29.95


Lumens :  250

Weight With Batteries :  83 g (2.9 oz)

Max Distances :  [High] 72 m: [Low] 8 m

Max Burn Time :  [High] 6 H: [Low] 200 H

IPX Rating :  IPX 8

I keep meaning to ask, if there are any moms out there who would like some specific climbing, camping, hiking, and gear reviews or general advice about trying to mom and outdoor, then just let me know, and I’ll do my best to share some specific experiences that may be relevant.  Otherwise my next review may just be about the exciting use of my new tent stakes!!!

– Gaia

Also if you have any stories about momming in nature, and want us to feature your story, then hit me up HERE.

8 Replies to “Momming in Nature”

  1. My mates son turned 4 and i gave him a headlamp for his birthday. As well as taking him out on his first overnight camping trip. The kid was so excited that he wore the headlamp all day long as we explores the forest and river. Then once the sun went down and we all got our headlamps out. His was no where to be found. We discovered it hours later at the very end of his sleeping bag. No idea how it got there.

    Its great to get kids outdoors when they are young. They learn so quickly and are very inquisitive. Just don’t scare them off too much and i hope they will be back out camping when they are adults.

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    1. Pete, this reminds me that extra batteries and kids go hand in hand! And you are absolutely right…always check the bottom of a kids sleeping bag!


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