Trash Talk

Do you ever do something so much with your family or friends that you don’t even realize that
it’s odd until you say or do that thing in the real world?

In the Alger home, watching television is not for the weak. Any horrendous/hideous/grotesque
monster or person that shows up on the screen can and will be compared to you. Actually, this
can be done at any time. A real example:

Yes. That is my brother calling me a hideous monster.

It keeps us humble, maybe.

Another thing we’d often do, are these little pranks where we’d pretend we’re all dead when
someone gets home. Or that we’re all frozen in time. Once we laid clothes around as if a
rapture happened.

This went wrong when a close friend and I (the close friend is basically family, so she is in tune
to our ways), played this dead prank on her husband. He did not find it hilarious. How strange.

So again, it’s safe to say that we’re kind of turds. Now, we come to rock climbing. Never have I
seen a more supportive community. People are high fiving, telling each other they rock, they’re
awesome, etc., etc.

Then…there’s my sister and I:

You see we grew up ragging each other. This is how it always was and how it always will be. But
people of such a positive environment may not quite understand this…uh…ritual.

Now, our trash talk has never come down to lack of support. I remember when I fiiiiirst started
climbing and completed a simple V1, my sister ran up to me and started dancing and “WOO”-
ing around the boulder mat, much to the confusion of all the climbers.

But, that same day, she told me I couldn’t even get an ugly Hemsworth brother to look my way
(this really tarnished my Australian getaway plans). So really, it’s all quite balanced.

This has really turned into a PSA: if you happen to overhear me telling my little sister that she
“could probably climb better if the actual wall wasn’t so horrified by her ugly face”, then just
smile and nod and walk the other way. We’re doing all right.

Jen Alger (Contributor) @chubbygirlclimbing

16 Replies to “Trash Talk”

  1. I love the confidence that that breeds. NOt assertiveness. Not dominance. Confidence. Strong enough to be gentle, and gentle enough to get the slow blade… there you go… IN. OUCH! HEY! Laughing, Gotcha. It reminds me most of what preschool and upbringing must have been like for the “Trees with strong roots laugh at storms. ~ Malay Proverb”… where the torrential and raging (though weather doesn’t need emotion) and blasting storm comes in (Read in someone angry and blustering and shaming an ALL that and a bag of chips) and the tree with strong roots stands, calm, at most a mirror for the weather to wash right through for a free, power-wash level shower from the storm. And, the stormY person tires when not engaged, and subsides… at which point the tree finally moves from its Empathic Silence to reach to the fallen storm, “So, can you pull yourself back together after that gig? Is there a message for me in all that?” Feels like your prankster ways and ragging and drawing out troubles really served to draw OFF the marble of Self like Michelangelo did for David… to keep his innate Self in a process of being revealed… to him.

    Great laughs and snorts and chuckles, and a little coffee had to be wiped off the screen and off my lip coming out of my nose at “not even an ugly Hemsworth?” This was a SaWEET way to dial into the unknown 5.XXc of the day. Thanks much. How ya doing with those T-Rex arms? THAT’s what caused my coffee to run to my screen to save it from not having been cleaned for a couple of days. 🙂

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  2. Hey we all have those types of family dynamics. It’s fun and games time till it’s not. I feel that if it begins to hinder with your mental health , it’s time to speak up. I mean we are in a traumatic worldwide pandemic . The human mind is a mystery of its own. It reacts without warning, Add more trauma to unresolved trauma and in a snap you’re on a episode of “snapped.” Mutual respect is a lost art. Speak up when it bothers you and stand up for yourself. I’d rather have your loved ones be mindfully well than a story on the 6 o clock news. Just as long as everyone understands boundaries. limits, and triggers,I feel everything should be fine

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  3. My brothers (10 and 12 years older than I) used to try to get me to play Spaceman. They would hand me a plastic bag for a space helmet. Alas, the brother in between us did agree to play…once. Hence the 10 year gap.

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  4. In our family if we don’t pick on you, we don’t like you. Seriously, if WE’RE on our best behavior, you have a problem.

    I completely understand this sort of behavior and do not find it odd at all.

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  5. Thanks for the like. (On my blog you have a really cool blog. Are those sketches/drawings ones you have done yourself? If so, nice job! Very cool personal touch that made your post stand out to me. trash talk is a great topic too… You should check out my “real” blog at it’s similar to my WordPress blog but it’s hosted on a domain I own. If you ever want to do a guest post I have a few blogs I write for that would love to hear what you have to say. I’ve found readers enjoy different perspectives and I think you have a really unique voice. Keep up the good work!


  6. Thanks for liking my post and thanks for the insight into family life. I think we may be a little too thin-skinned here for that, but my sister and I used to say things like that to each other. Now we live in different states!!! 🤭

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