Let’s talk CANDY!

I was talking to a group of friends recently about the best summit reward. Once we got around all the gimmies we were able to get down to brass tax. This article is not taking the view, or the personal growth, or exercise for granted, but once we get beyond the more abstract rewards we have the opportunity to delve into the concrete. Our conversation quickly (d)evolved into ‘what is the best candy to represent the cherry-on-top of a summit run/climb/hike/bike/walk/etc…’

While there was no consensus pick between us, there was consensus that the most popular pick worldwide would be the classic Snickers Bar. Hindsight suggests that this is probably based more really good advertising than any actual evidence or rationale.

We bickered back a forth a little before we agreed that objective arguments on the best summit candy was a flawed idea, and subjective arguments on the best summit candy was essentially pointless. So we decided to come up with a simple solution based on a points system. For the record, my solution was a field study where we would make several summits, trying a different candy bar upon each summit and then we’d analyze the data to determine which is the best summit candy. This was quickly rejected due to flawed research methods based on confounding variables. I staunchly rejected this rejection, because I just want a reason to climb and eat candy with my friends!

The plan:

We each pick our top four candies (not necessarily our favorite candy, just the best for a summit reward). We then rank them in descending order from favorite to least favorite, where the top choice receives a value of four points and our last choice holds a value of one point. Finally we add up all the points to determine The SUMMIT Candy Winner!

The Rankings:

WhatchamacallitReese’s Peanut Butter CupsStarburstRunts
TwixSnickersTwixGummi Bears
Cherry Laffy TaffyTwixM&M’sJelly Beans
Reese’s PiecesCookies and Cream Hershey’sSnickersSkittles

The Outcome:

  1. Twix = 8 Points
  2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups = 4 Points
  3. Runts= 4 Points
  4. Snickers = 4 Points
  5. Starburst = 4 Points
  6. Whatchamacallit = 4 Points
  7. Gummi Bears = 3 Points
  8. M&M’s = 3 PointsCherry
  9. Laffy Taffy = 2 Points
  10. Jelly Beans = 2 Points
  11. Reese’s Pieces = 2 Points
  12. Cookies and Cream Hershey’s = 2 Points
  13. York Peppermint Patties = 1 Point
  14. Skittles = 1 Point
  15. Junior Mints = 1 Point
  16. Heath bars = 1 Point
  17. Skittles = 1 Point
  18. Honey Stinger Chews = 1 Point
  19. Lidl’s Candy Floss Grapes = 1 Point
  20. Jelly Babies = 1 Point

The Winner:


We’d love more data…if you comment with your top four summit candies I’ll add them to the list, and amend the results. On our next summit trip, I’ll make sure to pack the overall winner along with my gear, and toast the sunset with that candy!

Carrot (Whatchamacallit)

28 Replies to “Let’s talk CANDY!”

  1. Love it!

    Back when i would summit a 14’er before I bad-ass mis-stepped on the cornice and never went up again, I alway said, “Yes! I DO need some fresh air,” and promptly lit up an American Spirit Yellow (and of course packed out the butt). Not a single person ever thought it wasn’t strange, and also couldn’t not laugh.. I enjoy consistency like that. In fact one year after I had quit smoking, and the year after, I still did it — read in:preparation to have them with me there in the first place. Ritual.

    And, I hope Reese’s Pieces wins. They are the chocolate peanut butter in a candy shell like Ambrosaia in a pill, healthy Morphine,. Snickers? Yes, that’s a sugar spike tempered by fast metabolizing peanut protein. Reese’s Pieces? Do I need any more words? I think not. Pack ‘em in, amplify yourself up top. Heck, ET might gratuitously show up, Now, wouldn’t THAT be a summit experience?!! 🙂

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    1. So portable, and tasty, and the shell is like a safe haven for the peanut butter, so it does’t get crushed like some of those lesser candies!

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      1. Exactly. Lesser candies. I can back THAT candy racism. In fact, count me in as a vigilante. I will go to my… well, not really. With Reese’s Pieces bliss rarely has to go to its death. They simply induce ablution. Yup, I, sucking on the poison teet of Reese’s Pieces. I don’t suggest getting between a dog and his food. ;0

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  2. I really don’t eat candy, but I have two favorites.
    1. Peanut M&M’s
    2. York Peppermint Patties (really good frozen)

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  3. I’ve discovered my body doesn’t like peanuts, so no more Snickers for me. I mostly eat Junior Mints, Hershey Bars, Heath bars, and Skittles. On a hike, I’d prefer something not chocolate, so probably Honey stinger chews. 🙂

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  4. No. no. no. no. no!!! Until you’ve tasted Lidl’s Candy Floss grapes, you will always go for chocolate stuff, but trust me, once tasted there is no going back.

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  5. Jelly Babies! I don’t even like them but there used to always be someone handing them out on a hillday so I still think of them as hillday snacks.

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  6. Sour Patch Kids! I brought a bag on my last week long hike and would snack on a few every time I needed a mood boost. I also am a firm believer that a day of hiking should end with a chocolate bar, Coffee Crisp or Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut.

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  7. I’m vegan, so my preferences will skew the results… but I’ve been saved during more than one marathon by a fun pack of Skittles. And as far as chocolate is concerned, I love it with peanut butter. So Jason’s version of a peanut butter cup is a favorite for me! Entertaining post! 😊

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  8. Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar. Heath Bar. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Almond Joy.–in no particular order


  9. This is hilarious. I usually carry some kind of bar of good chocolate on long hikes (I’m a Camino walker more than a summiter), but in hot weather, chocolate melts (in the Grand Canyon between April and October the chocolate turned into a liquid mess during the day, and I’d smooth it out to try to keep the foil from embedding itself in the chocolate in it when it solidified overnight). I love the picture of the jelly beans. As a Camino walker I carry some kind of European cough drops — usually licorice, eucalyptus, or lemon — for those moments when energy flags and water doesn’t seem thirst-quenching enough. They are also great to hand out to people along the way.

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    1. Linnea, I think you are so right about the cough drops, or lemon drops especially in dry air. I used to be such a fan of Ludens Cough Drops for hikes like that! Great call!

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