A Solid First Attempt?

Hey friends,

Over the last couple of years I have been slowly teaching myself to write in a new medium: songwriting.

I grew up in the home of a songwriter, yet somehow I never took to it until after I left home for college. For me, it is certainly unknown territory, and I have spent many hours frustrated at my lack of creativity, or my inability to think of just the right words.

Songwriting, a lot of the times, is about diving deep into an abstract realm of thought and trying to interpret it in a new way. I believe that a lot of the time, a songwriter may not even realize the topic of a song until after they wrote it. This forces me to slow down, and let my mind wander. I am continually trying to push myself to go further into that unexplored realm in order to learn more about myself, and hopefully, write better songs!

So, I thought I’d publish a song for you guys, so you can see what I’ve been up to during quarantine. Hope you enjoy. 

Riverbed – Casen

And sorry audiophiles this was recorded on my IPhone. I was in a closet if that helps?

I’ll copy the lyrics below as well if you’d like to take a shot at an interpretation.

-River Bed-

The secrets of a life worth living

Are refined by desires and regrets

They settle inside

the earnest mind

Like sediment collects In the river bed

My love she waits upstream

So patiently

And we’ll float down

To the bottom of the deltas mouth

And make our escape across the sea

it’s such a shame

When things get lost along the way

Oh she calls me to the water

In the grasp of high tide

Oh tho

I stay longer each time

You say maybe

Ill leave something behind

But I don’t mind I don’t mind no

Oh babe I got into something

Traded poison with the ground

People prayed for retrograde

But the river runs a long way down

Oh The river runs a long way down

but she calls me to the water

In the grasp of high tide

Oh tho

I stay longer each time

And maybe

Ill leave something behind

But I don’t mind I don’t mind I don’t mind

She calls me to the water

When the canopy is gone

As the sun reflects the message that

They’re never moving on from

The place that is their home

The place they’ve come to love

In the face of new beginnings

And the damage that I’ve done

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading/listening,

Casen (Co-writer)

12 Replies to “A Solid First Attempt?”

  1. Wow. Simply Wow. It speaks to me in so many ways. The lyrics, your voice, the perfect strums and the flow of the river flowing with your rise and fall of melody. I’ve downloaded this. My friend, you’re quarantine time has served you, and us, well.

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  2. Mermaid Approved!!! This would be a cool song to use for a book trailer in my MerSea series since the hero plays acoustic guitar and writes lyrics that sound 60s/70s inspired. But that will be a couple years since I’m working on a new Trilogy/Series. If your interested you can remind me.

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  3. I really liked your song – amazing first attempt – not that I’m a songwriter, but I know what I enjoy listening to. I hope we get to hear more from you 🙂

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