Climbing Gym Tourney!

We recently asked our readers to nominate their favorite climbing gym. We limited The Climbing Gym Tournament to the first sixteen nominations. Now we are asking you to vote. The winner of our 1st Annual Climbing Gym Tourney will be determined by you.

Who: The 16 inaugural nominations.

Green RegionOrange RegionBlue RegionYellow Region
Inspire Rock (Sp)
Stone Summit
Planet Rock
Memphis Rox
Planet Granite (SC)
The Front (SLC)
Momentum (Silver Street)
Momentum (Katy)
Brooklyn Boulders
The District (SA)
Inspire Rock (Cy)
Castle Climbing Centre
Summit (Plano)
Austin Boulder Project
CLIMB The Woodlands
Each category was determined by random generator.
Each matchup was determined by random generator.

When: Round One voting starts on Monday October 26 and the Winner will be crowned Friday October 30.

Where: All polling will take place on our Instagram Stories. (@thedihedral)

Why: Each gym that was nominated is such an integral part of their local climbing community, and we welcome the chance to spread that community spirit through your votes and support.

What: In addition to bragging rights, the winning gym will be awarded a free promo on an upcoming theDIHEDRAL Podcast, as well as the opportunity to share a post highlighting their gym and the community that pushed them to the top.

You selected The Sweet 16 now it’s time to select the winner.

Good luck to all our nominees!

Update: defeating The Front, Summit Plano, and Momentum Katy… Momentum Silver Street is the inaugural climbing gym tournament winner.

A huge thank you to everyone who voted, and a huge congrats to Momentum Silver Street.

For more information on Momentum Silver Street, here is our review.

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