We moved to Boulder

First off we didn’t move to Boulder.  I just saw that announcement from a couple we follow on Instagram.  This announcement is not uncommon in our limited circle, it’s not always Boulder, but it’s always somewhere along the lines of Boulder.  I wish we were moving to Boulder.  All climbers either move to, try to move to, or wish they were moving to “Boulder”.  I write this for and because of them.  

An ode to every climber I’ve ever met.

Another year of training and I’m a little bit older, I think this is the year that I’ll move to Boulder.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there is something better about the sunsets in Boulder.

I found a new line and maybe I’ll bolt her, my greatest idea was moving to Boulder.

I sold all my stuff, and I’m a van title holder, #Vanlife is welcome by the locals in Boulder.

I forgot insulation and the nights grow colder, no one told me it’s this chilly in Boulder.

That hairpin was tight, and I couldn’t quite hold her, driving is tricky on the mountains in Boulder.

#Vanlife was fun but now it’s all over, I never thought I would be homeless in Boulder.

Thank God that my friends don’t mind a freeloader, at least climbing is free in beautiful Boulder.

I can’t stand my roommates and I blew out my shoulder, this is not how I envisioned my life here in Boulder.

I’m acquiring debt in a giant bill-folder, life is expensive when your living in Boulder.

I reached out to my Dad because he’s a shareholder, he sent a bus ticket heading straight home from Boulder.

Boulder didn’t work out and I feel kinda bad, but I’m saving some cash next year it’s Moab.

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42 Replies to “We moved to Boulder”

  1. Love all the rhymes, but I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. You’re not advertising sommat are you? or is it a climbing reference? or a place?

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      1. Phew, thought I were goin’ twp for a sec thinkin’ it were an ad for summat technical or missin’ on the need to know scale, but glad yer put me right. Thanks

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      2. Dyno, but I think you’ll like the pitch of this layback comment: Nut being a climber, perhaps the odds were stacked against me for a second? Do you agri-gri with me? {{{giggles}}} sorry, it’s google searches fault for giving me the climbing lingo.

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      3. So, here’s the thing: After all that, I decide to look up the word Boulder on Google and lo and behold, up comes this climbing thing only one and a half hours drive from me, so I’m all “What?” and “Really?” and “Thought thedihedral was across the pond”.

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      4. Have I just learnt by experience, something about how search engines use artificial intelligence to point me towards things? Me thinks so.

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      5. That is the beauty side of t’Internet, as I started following you for some reason I’ve totally forgotten now, but see how it ends up helping both of us learn sommat new.

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  2. While I have heard great things about Boulder, I would only be able to visit during summer months as this southern girl has been warned of how cold it gets in Boulder. I did enjoy your write..

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      1. Yes I do 😀👏some times we need to view our own stuff as if we don’t know who the author is… I find I am less critical of myself. We often have harsh expectations of ourselves. I was captivated. I don’t know the area but you took me along on your experience… And I loved the rhyming words. It caused me to want to find out what your next word was going to be. 😉

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  3. If you’re hooked on Colorado
    Just drag your shadow
    To the San Luis Valley.

    High mountains around
    Good rocks abound
    And your budget will rally

    My poetry is crap
    So this is a wrap.

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      1. Well, I lived in Colorado for 19 years and saw a lot of growth and californication in the past 10 so it kind of took away from the ruggedness and wild west feeling of the front range. However, there are still lots of places to escape to and timing sometimes is everything if you want to get away. I didn’t feel that there was enough diversity of people but I DO miss the open spaces and trails I frequented.

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      2. You are welcome! I forgot to mention the bubble. Im surprised you hadnt come across that. I have a blog about Colorado with some photos posted. Your blog also mentions Moab. Another great place to be.

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