A Climbers Christmas IV

Four years of recommendations for that climber in your life, and we are still going strong!!!  To catch you up if you are new to the theme, here is the rundown…each year theDIHEDRAL team gets together and offers some holiday gift recommendations for those who have a climber in their life and aren’t sure what to buy them.  We try to limit our recommendations to three a piece, but sometimes Carrot cheats.


Since the first “Climber’s Christmas” I have been recommending stocking stuffers, the stocking is the most underrated part of Christmas.  I don’t even celebrate Christmas and I can still recognize the nobility, the tranquility, and the stability of the stocking.  I wanted to try and recommend gifts that could help out small businesses this year as COVID-19 continues to rampage and disrupt us all.  I figure the small businesses might need a boost a little more than the big guys.

  1. I found this Key-Holder for Climbers from a company on Etsy called Best Boulders out of Karlsruhe Germany.  It comes in a one and a three key version.  A key-holder may not be the most sought after piece of climbing gear, but now that climber in your life will always have a place for their keys, and a spot to practice placing gear.  That is a win!
  2. I Hate Climbing.  I love this small company for it’s fearlessness in printing irony on an eco-friendly t-shirt.  Independent and environmentally conscious not only fit my goals for this year’s Climber’s Christmas, but it also fits nicely into the heel of a stocking.  I call that a Win Win Win!
  3. Local Climbing Gyms and Local Gear Shops are suffering, as we all are.  If these spots are going to survive they will need our continued support where possible.  So my final recommendation if you can afford it, is rather than ordering the big ticket items from big on-line retailers and companies, buy a gift card from your local gear shop or climbing gym.  Your climber will appreciate it, the shop will appreciate it, and that is what I call a win win!
    • I’d like to add that I don’t cheat!  I mean I didn’t try to sneak in that every climber should be using Chalk Cartel chalk 100% of the time, and that The Quarter fits perfectly into any stocking.  I didn’t mention that the WIld Country Session biners and draws might be the sexiest gear on the market, and I didn’t mention that The Worst Journey in The World is my 2020 adventure book recommendation for all adrenaline junkies.  We are only supposed to recommend three items, and you can clearly see 1,2 and 3!!!


I tend to break away from the climbing line and offer more utilitarian, eco-friendly choices. Therefore, I will continue that trend and give you some day-to-day choices, for you and your gift-givers!

  1. Eco-friendly Swedish Dishcloth: If you are a clean freak or, at least enjoy a partially clean countertop, these are for you! I have to admit that these were on the top of my wish list and the only article I insisted on being gifted. The dishcloths are degradable, which means that they will decompose after they are discarded. YES for eco-friendly products! You can wash them in the dishwasher (up to 50 times), they are odorless, and a great incorporation for your compostable bin. I recommend this product if you are, or know of someone, in need of kitchen towels and are/is done with paper ones!
  2. Zero Waste Starter Kit: Another option for a gift (a little higher in price point) is this Zero Waste Starter Kit. It is excellent for anyone who wants to shift gears to a more eco-friendly lifestyle but does not know where to start. I admit that it is overwhelming for me as well and sometimes I see myself grabbing and using the usual plastic product (Ehem… Plastic wrap!). This kit offers green options for a kitchen centered dynamic, but the seller also offers other types of kits and products! It is worth checking them out!
  3. 3D Fish Tea Bags Uniquely: Okay… I know that if you are not a tea drinker you won’t care much for this option nor consider it a day-to-day element. However, I HAD TO INCLUDE IT! This tea bag is not only shaped like a goldfish, but it is also eco-friendly, 100% handmade, and completely unique. If this was not enough, 10% of purchases goes toward the non-profit Sea Shepherd Conservation Society! Trust me, as a tea lover myself, this would be a hit present for any occasion, not only holidays! Let’s support local artists/sellers and unique ideas!


You guys probably remember my motto, “you don’t get what you don’t ask for.” But I am going to make those big asks for the climber in your life so they don’t have to tremble and stutter over their wishes…brace yourself…

  1. 9mm HTP Static Rope ($130.95 sterlingrope.com) No one really talks about it, but I know every climber, deep, deep in their heart, wishes they had a static rope. There are actual practical uses for static lines, like hauling, rescue, access lines, etc., but I’m definitely suggesting this one for climbers like me that could live without it. This 9mm is small and light enough to casually bring with me to the crag for setting up a line to take photos on and to set up a top-rope anchor without fixed gear.
  2. WindMaster Stove with 4Flex ($64.95 sotooutdoors.com) They may tell you that they’re fine with bars and trail mix at the crag, but they’re not. With this little (3oz) stove, they can warm up some real (enough) food to get the power for their next send. Never underestimate the power of a toasty cheese quesadilla. Not to mention this stove is going to change their backpacking game.
  3. 10mm Sterling Dyneema Sling ($10.95 sterlingrope.com) Listen, I know I have a little bit of an obsession with Sterling, but hear me out. Normal draws are great and everything, but even the newest sport climbers have to admit that they want to make some alpine draws. They may justify it with cost or rope drag or versatility…really a number of reasons that vary in their validity with each climber’s climbing habits. Regardless, they’re going to feel really cool when they build some alpine extensions with these, and they’re going to be one step closer to their dream of being the omniscient trad dad (note that trad dad is used as a gender neutral term here). Plus, it’s the cheapest and most versatile option I recommended.

Happy Holidays!!!

6 Replies to “A Climbers Christmas IV”

  1. These are great ideas AND thank you SO much for reminding people to support small businesses. I am a VERY small quilting shop and am just barely starting out in this massive online world SOO appreciate the assistance❤️!


    1. Feel free to post your company name or a link to the business here if you want. I love quilters. I have only ever made one quilt with my aunt helping a LOT, but it is really a beautiful and timeless art!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much! The name of my Etsy shop is Quilts By Sara Designs and my website on Word press is lovemyquilts.com. Either one will lead you to my products. I started quilting in somewhat of a similar manner as you described and became obsessed with quilting. My goal is to take the timeless element and put a modern spin on it so it appeals to the younger population 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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