Belaytionships II

I may be a few days late, but love transcends time. You know what time of year it is (was). Valentine’s. You might remember my dreamy Sonnet 5.13 from last year’s Belaytionships, but are you ready for a spicier rendition yet? Enjoy my adaptation of Shakespeare’s Sonnet LXI:

Sonnet 61m

Is it thy will, thy belay should keep open

My heavy hands to the reachy route?

Dost thou desire my rest should be broken,

While crushers like to thee do mock my bout?

Is it thy power that thou send’st from thee

So far from the deck into my fear to jest,

To find out shames and spark fires in me,

The scope and strength of thy protest?

O, no! thy love, though much, is not so deep:

It is my love that keeps mine pump away:

Mine own true love that doth my crimp keep,

To play the leader ever for thy holiday:

   For thee watch I, whilst thou dost crimp elsewhere,

   From me off far, with other ropes all too near.

What’s the most caring thing your belay partner has ever done for you?

All the love,

High-Clip (Co-writer)

10 Replies to “Belaytionships II”

  1. A lovely and inventive piece of writing, which I greatly enjoyed. I’m not climber, certainly not these days. But we can all relate to ‘belationships’! I loved this. x

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