Theta Wave Fitness Review

Have you ever heard of mace training? As in, warrior mace training? Spartan style? I hadn’t heard about it either until Carrot convinced me and our two new members, Jenn and Isa (Yay!), to take a class with Theta Wave owner and trainer, Zac Shoulders.

Zac is a former EXXON mobil physical trainer who recently started his own business, offering diverse training programs, both in-person and online. One of his regimes is the afore mentioned, Mace training. Zac, a climber himself, swears by this warrior style workout due to the benefits it provides to climbers’ performance and muscle development.

We had an hour-long session where we focused on our upper body strength and flexibility. Zac guided us through a quick but efficient band warm-up, followed by the much anticipated maces. We had the option to choose from a 7lb or 10lb mace (there was a heavier option, but I stopped paying attention past the 10lb). Jenn, an active climber, went for the second option while Isa and I stuck with the lighter choice.

Hot dang! Shoulders burning from the start, core engaged, and legs trembling throughout. Are you kidding me? Other than feeling like an Amazon warrior and chanting “This is Sparta!” every once in a while, I did not know what else to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by how much my body was engaged and muscles where activated. The focus goes beyond your usual muscle set, indeed stimulating areas pertinent for strong climbing. Zac made sure to explain the technique and purpose of each movement, while being gentle, encouraging, and fun.

I am writing this review with sore muscles. Even days after our session, my body is still feeling the effects of our training. I must add that I had not been actively working out for awhile but I still feel accomplished and satisfied. I would, hands down, take another class and explore more options as well.

If you are interested, you can contact Zac via Instagram at @thetawave or 😀

Gaia Co-writer theDIHEDRAL

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      1. I think training with a mace goes beyond the Middle Ages the warriors in India was fighting with them as well also the cavemen used to wield clubs lol


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