If you sit around a climbing gym or crag long enough, eventually you’ll be brought into some strange conversations regrading some wild hypothetical situations. 

Would you lower your IQ by ten points if it meant you could climb one full grade higher without training?

Would you live in your least favorite town for one year (without leaving), if it meant you could travel anywhere you wanted all expenses paid for the following year?

Would you give up on your dream for $1,000, $10,000, etc…?

I really love that last one, the price of someone’s dream cracks me up no matter how high or how low the cost. If I had the same wealth and utter disregard for human dignity as Mortimer and Randolph Duke, there is no doubt I would be in the business of buying dreams.  (Proud to say I have neither the wealth nor disregard)

Trading Places

Anyway, these constant downtime hypotheticals, got me thinking ‘if climbers were offered a few level-up, options what would they choose?’ (Being a climber isn’t a requirement to playing along)

So, here’s the deal you get five “dollars”.  What do you pick and why?

If you would have asked me an hour ago it would have been Ape Index, Forearms Don’t Pump, and Resoles for Life. But now, after much deliberation I am going with Hyper Flexibility and Zero Injuries. I am not naturally flexible and the opportunity to have zero Injuries is just too much to pass up! Although a pbj is starting to sound really good right now!


18 Replies to “Level-up”

  1. Would probably go with zero injuries and free shoes… although I’ve changed my mind about 5 times! Great post, and interesting questions asked… Hope all is well – Conor

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    1. Conor, I’m with you 100%. I have been daydreaming about this all day, and still haven’t settled on a combo that I have full confidence in!

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  2. Hyper flexibility because Yoga would be better. No injuries, because I get hurt for no reason so often. These two, together, would enhance life immeasurably.

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