Solutions – The Ultimate Climbing Shoe?

I remember my first pair of climbing shoes. They were quite frankly the cheapest ones I could possibly buy. I believe they were by the brand ‘Climb-X’ and I wore those suckers OUT. In fact, by the time I was through with them, my big toe was starting to peek out of a hole in the front of the shoe like a wary gopher after winter hibernation.

After slipping off a V5 boulder problem an ungodly amount of times during a session at the climbing gym, I got fed up. I scraped together what meager savings I had and hustled down to the pro-gear shop, dumped a pile of wadded up cash and change on the glass counter, and asked for La Sportiva Solutions.

They changed me. They changed my life. They changed the shape of my toes.

Despite the toll they took on my poor big toes, the La Sportivas are one of my favorite climbing shoes of all time (Just get them in the right size). As someone with big calluses on my toes, I found these shoes to be a great form fit for deformed feet.

Gear Review: Climbing Shoes

Company: La Sportiva

Product: Solutions


Upper Material: leather, Lorica

Lining [toe box, arch] HF

Closure: hook-and-loop, Face Lacing System

Midsole: [toe] LaspoFlex (1.1mm)

Rubber: Vibram XS Grip2 (4mm)

Last: PD 80

Profile: sharp downturn

Asymmetrical Curvature: aggressive

Claimed Weight: 8.89oz

Recommended Use: bouldering, sport climbing

If you want to check them out, click here:

And thanks so much for reading! 🙂

One Reply to “Solutions – The Ultimate Climbing Shoe?”

  1. I am a recreational climber and also love my Sportiva shoes. My feet cramped in every other shoe I have ever tried, but these are perfect. Yay, La Sportiva!


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