Mount Doom Rock Climbing

Location: Mordor

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Admins: Carrot, Gaia, High-Clip, Isa, Jen, Casen

Sorry, weather is currently unavailable.

Access Issue: Trails closed from sunset to 6:00 AM

Access Issue: Orcs.

Access Issue: Covid-19 Closures!


Mount Doom is located in the Plateau of Gorgoroth in northwestern Mordor. It is connected to Barad-dûr through the steaming fissures of Sauron’s Road. It stood about 4,500 feet with its base about 3,000 feet tall.  Mount Doom had an enormous eruption, sending massive lava floes down its sides and scattering the area with volcanic debris.1 The eruption created an extensive boulder field surrounding a pristine wall featuring various styles of climbing.

Getting There

Looking at where Mount Doom is situated there are only 3 possible avenues to get there. Each approach is strenuous with various obstacles and obstructions along the way.

  1. Through the Black Gate across Udun.
  2. Through Minas Morgul across the Morgul Vale.
  3. Around the Ash Mountains and enter Mordor from the South East and across Gorgoroch.

Extra water and Lembas Bread is recommended.


  2. This post is parody, this location is a fictional place presented in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy. There is however an actual Mt. Doom crag in the San Francisco Bay Area, info can be found here.

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  1. I hiked under it a few weeks ago. Mount Ngauruhoe is on the Tongariro Crossing and is an amazing view. Pretty pictures of it in my last blog post. Some great alpine Trad crags nearby at Whakapapa as well.

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