Timmy and Gavin

We feel so fortunate to have two of rock climbing’s newest legends join us on our latest theDIHEDRAL Podcast episode!

You may know them from one of the most popular climbing videos to hit cyberspace in 2021!  If you have ever doubted helmet safety, our friends Timmy and Gavin join us to change your mind.

We take a little time to break down their video, but we also take some time to get to know these two crushers with hearts of gold!

This was a really fun conversation, and we are incredibly grateful to both Gavin and Timmy for spending some time with us and shedding some light on a very scary moment caught on video!

As always, we also want to thank you for listening. You can find the interview on theDIHEDRAL Podcast HERE, and listed on most podcasting platforms including Apple, Spotify, and Amazon. You can also check us out on our YouTube channel HERE.

20 Replies to “Timmy and Gavin”

  1. If ocean spray can be a sponsor…… I cant believe so many other sponsors haven’t stepped up for this video….. Helmets, Clif bars, even spaghettios!!! 2 awesome young guys.

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  2. Lol. Yes! Thank God you wore a helmet! Gavin knows! 😂
    Safety First! Have a beautiful and blessed day! -Mys

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  3. Wow, that glancing blow could have been the end game. Talking of game, I was just playing crack the code and this came up: B Y M U – M V S W L S X Q. The alphabet having O replaced with Y and so on and so forth. So when I cracked the code, I thought “Now there’s a coincidence!” as someone out there will see.

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    1. I need to go find out what crack the code is? Whatever it is, it sounds really fun!

      Hopefully I can come back and figure out what that means!


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