Olympic Frankenclimber

The 2020 Olympics of 2021 has participants from 206 counties, totaling 11,326 athletes.  These Olympics have introduced the world to new idols, new role models, and new sports that most would have otherwise never heard of.  All the sudden people are dropping watercooler comments about last night’s steeplechase, or yesterday’s dressage comp, in addition to the comments about the floor routine, the 400 IM, and the beach volleyball match.  Did you know that BMX is in in the Olympics?  We’re loving the attention these athletes and sports are getting.  It’s hard earned and well deserved.

Climbing of course has made its Olympic debut as well.  Watching some of our favorite climbers along with our favorite sport get worldwide exposure is exhilarating.  Mysteries abound.  Can we expect the climbing population to grow?  Will the gyms and crags become more saturated than they already are?  Who knows, but I guess it’s all part of the process!

So, given our exposure to so many new athletes, and climbing’s exposure to so many new people, we thought it would be fun to combine it all. We’re designing a super climber, a frankenclimber composed of the best attributes from athletes in disciplines other than climbing. 


I lack flexibility, I think it’s one of my greatest weaknesses as a climber, and so if I get to grab someone’s “power” it has to be to compensate for something that I personally lack, which is why the decision to grab the flexibility of a gymnast is a no brainer.  My pick for theDIHEDRAL super climber is Simone Biles.  Incorporating the greatest gymnast who has ever lived, into a beast that cranks on rocks has 2024 Gold Medal written all over it.  


I gotta appreciate some casual badassery. As I go grunting up a route, I always admire those that can make even the most difficult things look easy breezy. This is why I have to go with Vitalina Batsarashkina, the sharpshooter from Russia. I mean, look at her stance while she’s shooting. That just screams composure and control, something every great climber needs to have. She also has a Witcher pin, and I need to support my fellow nerds.


I’m here for my main man Daniel Dhers. Dhers represented Venezuela in BMX freestyle, snatching silver for my home country! Not only is he a badass and fearless rider, he is also one of the OGs from the early 2000s. My man has made contributions to the sport that have placed him in the realm of legends, bringing his flair and charisma to every park. I would love to see a climber with his perseverance and smile, busting every route. A legend uplifting the new generation, while still schooling them in the process! My MAIN MAN!

Also, Yulimar Rojas breaking a world record after 25 years in triple jump, say WHAT?! Legs and stamina for days. I would love to see a speed climber with Rojas’ abilities, breaking record after record. I say yes to empowered and strong women.


With a personal history of soccer and swimming, there are so many great athletes in those disciplines I could have chosen.  However, this super climber is about to get a boost of strength.  I loved the personal story of 1st time Philipino gold medalist Staff Sergeant Hidilyn Francisco Diaz.  Not only is this powerlifter Hidilyn Diaz’s first gold, it’s the first gold medal for the Philippines!  In addition to winning the gold, she also set an Olympic record lifting 224kg!  Frankenstein may have created a monster, but with the power of Hidilyn Francisco Diaz theDIHEDRAL has just created a BEAST!

  • Who has been your favorite olympic athlete to watch?

5 Replies to “Olympic Frankenclimber”

  1. One of my boyfriend-like-things was an Olympic gymnast. He’s also a fine climber. I’m also with Gaiaa here: I love BMX. That kind of courage, strength, skill and the particle of pure madness would enhance a climber’s abilities.

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    1. Martha, you always have the greatest gems. I would love to hear more about your boyfriend-like-thing relationship with the Olympic gymnast! I’m so happy you like BMX freestyle too. I admire them as well, from their courage to creativity!



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