Tanya Chris

Tanya Chris, erotic-romance novelist, opens up about her first experience with rock climbing, the inspiration behind her latest novel, and The National Kidney Foundation.

With over 30 books to her credit, Tanya explores the world of rock climbing in her latest novel, Aiming High. Two olympic level rock climbers explore their relationship with the sport, as well as their odds of succeeding in the Olympics. However, there is more at stake than a medal.

Join us as we discuss “Aiming High”, living organ donation, and climbing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“And he’d rather win Spencer’s heart than a medal, but that prize continues to elude him.”

For information about The National Kidney Foundation click here

For Tanya Chris’ “Aiming High” click here

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2 Replies to “Tanya Chris”

  1. Great episode! Rock climbing sounds like a sport that is about the whole and not self. Tanya, has a heart made of gold. 💖

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